Could Your Company Benefit From HR Document Management?

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Jul 8, 2016 11:00:00 AM

20591326_s.jpgA digital document management system is incredibly powerful for HR departments. Countless paper and digital resumes, reference letters, offers of employment, employee records and benefits schedules pass through your HR department every day, and they must be organized for later retrieval. Rather than having your HR staff sort, file and manually retrieve the paperwork they need to perform their jobs correctly, why not opt for an HR document management system instead?

With a document management system and software, your HR department’s operations can be streamlined, ensuring that records are managed effectively. The following are some of the top areas in which your company’s HR department will see the greatest benefits from a document management solution:

Digitizing HR Documents

Scanning any paper documents received will instantly make them easier to retrieve and organize. Your HR staff likely deals with forms, resumes and employee records in both digital and paper format on a daily basis. Having all documents in the same format eliminates confusion and keeps all information in a centralized location.

Distributing Resumes

Your HR document management system can capture, sort and distribute job applications automatically, routing them to the necessary contacts. This saves your HR staff time that would once have been wasted on sorting through stacks of resumes trying to identify the best candidates. Your system can scan all resumes, searching through them for keywords, and sending the most relevant applicants to decision makers.

Onboarding Employees

When a new employee is hired, there is typically a host of paperwork to be completed by the new hire and the employer. These documents then need to be entered into your systems by HR, managers, accounting departments and more. With a document management system and electronic forms, this data can be automatically routed to the relevant personnel.

Employee Records

Law requires your organization to record and store a range of personal information for both current and past employees. By digitizing employee records, indexing them and securely storing them within your HR document management system, you will always be able to retrieve this important information when required, thereby protecting your business.

Managing Absence Requests

Your HR department can better manage vacation and absence requests using document management software and workflows. When an employee makes a request, it can be routed to the appropriate manager to approve or deny the time off.

To learn more about the benefits of HR document management software for your organization, visit our human resources page, or request a free quote.

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