Improving Your Workflow with Document Automation

Posted by Andrew D'Arcy on Dec 9, 2019 10:30:00 AM
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The hottest trend in the business world is saving time and money.

How do you do that? By improving your company’s workflow.

This is where your business needs to take advantage of today’s technology. Adding document automation to your business processes will boost productivity and lead to increased profits. It also improves security, decreases error, and improves efficiency.

Document automation isn’t a new technology, it’s been around for years. Companies across all industries use it. You’ll cut costs and save office space with less paper and files.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still wasting valuable time with outdated workflow processes. 

If you want to stay competitive in your area of business, streamlining your workflow is necessary. Not only will it save you time and money, but it will allow you to focus on what matters: your business.

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How Document Automation Works

Document automation is a process that assists the creation and design of electronic documents. Today, document automation comes in the form of software that provides you with security, storage space, and automation. You can save, edit, and organize all of your documents in one place.

But there’s more to it than just that. Depending on the document software you choose, it comes with templates complete with text and styling for you to use. This makes the process of creating new documents easier while saving you time.

You can still draft your documents from scratch and save them as a template for future use. You can update documents as needed and ensure key employees have access to the most up-to-date information.

From there, you can send documents to other businesses or customers to fill out electronically. You can set up a client portal through your automation software for improved security.

By speeding up document processes you’ll boost productivity, improve ROI, and attract new customers.

The Benefits of Document Automation

Documentation automation does more than just improve your workflow. Here are more great benefits on how going paperless with document automation will improve your company’s workflow.

Easy Access

You’ll have easy access to all your important documents in one place from anywhere. Or, limit who can access and edit what documents. 

Can’t get to the office but need a document ready for a potential client? Hop on your computer or mobile phone and access whatever documents you may need.

Rather than having 1 or 2 people store and care for certain documents, everyone within your company can access them whenever they need to. You can improve the organization and management of documents through the software to ensure everything is easy to find.

Improve Company Efficiency

There’s no need to start fresh when drafting a document. Or searching through file after file in your company’s server to find the right document.

Automating this process allows you to edit and work with existing documents rather than having to draft a new one from scratch. If you do need to create a new document, there are plenty of templates and auto-fill sections to use.

You’ll spend more time with customers and projects and less time on the documentation side of things.

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Team Collaboration

Every business knows teamwork is an essential part of success. But outdated practices such as needing to meeting in-person, limit the collaboration process. People who are out of the office or busy with meetings can’t work with their teams as much as they should.

Document automation also helps with company-wide teamwork. Employees can continue to collaborate and work together on documents even if they can’t be in the office at the same time. Document automation software lets people communicate, edit, and share notes on important documents.

Client Collaboration

Teamwork within your company is great, but working collaboratively with your clients is better. Document automation software allows you to send documents electronically to clients.

Electronic documents are easier and faster to send to people than using traditional mail or meeting in-person. Using a secure online portal, clients can access their current and previous documents quickly. 

Fewer Errors

Making mistakes is normal. We are all human after all. But that doesn’t mean we want to share and use documents with errors and mistakes.

Automation software helps cut errors in your documents. Using existing templates will ensure your final documents are clear and professional. That means fewer spelling errors or missing information.

Document Security

Security is a big reason people hesitate when offered the option to upgrade technology and improve workflows. However, document automation software today is very secure—more secure than locking physical copies in a cabinet or sending them via email.

The software allows you to customize and set security based on employee’s and client’s roles. Only those with the proper authorization will have access to edit, share, or view certain documents.

The software also lets companies set up a client portal where clients can log in to their own account. This prevents the client from sharing sensitive information.

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Storing Documents

Finding a secure place to store contracts, bills, and other documents is tedious, especially if most of your documents are physical copies. Even digital copies stored on your company’s servers take up space.

Document automation software lets you store all your documents electronically without taking up space in your office or your server. When it’s time to retrieve these documents, you can find them quickly.

Go Green

Automating your document processes electronically reduces the amount of paper—and ink, your company uses. Going paperless will make your company more green and save a surprising amount of money.

Improve Your Workflow Today

With the many benefits of document automation, there’s no reason to give it a try. You’ll find you, your company, and your clients will be much happier with automation software that improves company workflow. It’s secure, accessible, and designed to work for you.

Have questions or want to learn more? Let’s get in touch! We’ll help you find the right document automation and management software for your business.

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