Measure The Impact of Your Paperless Office

Posted by MESHDS on Jan 4, 2021 8:00:00 AM

So your organization is now paperless! You belong to an elite club of organizations that have achieved a paper-free workplace. But the paperless state is not a one-and-done sort of story. Maintaining a paperless workplace is a challenge—fighting the inflow of paper documents takes work. 

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You Ditched Paper (hooray!)—Follow These Paperless Office Best Practices

Posted by MESHDS on Dec 21, 2020 8:30:00 AM

For decades, organizations used filing cabinets stuffed with paper to organize their business information. There wasn’t an alternative. Now, the scenario has changed completely—paper documents are no longer considered the ideal way to store business records. Organizations around the world have transitioned to a paperless work environment. 

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7 Limitations of Paper Documents—Get Off Paper in 2021

Posted by MESHDS on Dec 14, 2020 3:11:00 PM

For centuries, paper documents anchored the world when it came to record-keeping and business communication. Fifty years ago, there were simply no alternatives to paper documents. Businesses stored vital records in stacks of paper files. 

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Not digital yet? Here are 5 Tips For Protecting Paper Documents

Posted by MESHDS on Dec 7, 2020 8:30:00 AM

2020 was a leap year for the document management industry. Businesses still holding onto paper went digital—finally. It’s a two-part process: paper is scanned and then paper is shredded. But some businesses are still waiting in line for their own digital revolution. Until a high-volume scanner comes along and turns those old paper records (that are expensive to store and cumbersome to retrieve) into lightweight electronic files, you are obligated to take care of them. In most industries, regulations require retention. That means keeping documents for a defined period until their expiration date. While we recommend a solid paperless office strategy for all forward-thinking companies, here five tips to secure and protect physical documents from potential threats in the meantime. 

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3 easy ways to curb office paper waste

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Jul 8, 2020 12:46:00 PM

Paper doesn't just harm the environment and your company’s productivity—and therefore your revenue—paper also harms your reputation: 87% of consumers surveyed say they look more positively on a company if they run 100% paper free. And that's how you want your customers to see your company.

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A Paperless Office is a Light Office

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Jun 24, 2020 6:48:00 PM

COVID-19 crashed down overnight in March of 2020 and it was an eye opener for businesses still running on paper. Staff left the office to work from home, but they found themselves dead in the water. There was no way to access the paper documents locked at the office. 

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The Worth-it Challenges of a Paperless Office

Posted by MESHDS on Jun 17, 2020 2:36:00 PM

You know that ditching paper is the right thing to do for your business. You know that a digital process will work better, that your staff will be more productive, and that you’ll be able to downsize your office space—or work remotely—if you scan all that old information down to zero by digitizing it. 

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7 Simple Steps to Going Paperless in the Office

Posted by Andrew D'Arcy on Nov 20, 2019 9:19:00 AM

One-third of all of Canada's waste is from paper and paper products. Manufacturing paper ranks third in the largest user of fossil fuels globally. 

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How to Become a Paperless Company

Posted by Andrew D'Arcy on Jul 26, 2019 9:55:08 AM

We all know that we have a role to play when it comes to protecting the planet. This is why more and more business owners and employees are trying to create a paperless environment. It’s not just about that, though; the benefits of going paperless extend a lot further than this. You can expect to run your business much more efficiently, as it will be easier to source the documents you need. You can collaborate with greater ease too. You will also save yourself a lot of physical space in your office, and we all know that this is at a premium today. The argument for becoming a paperless company is very compelling, to say the least. The only trouble is that a lot of business owners don’t know where to start. The very thought seems overwhelming and the task seems too mammoth, so it keeps getting put to the back of the to-do list. With that being said, read on to discover the benefits of being a paperless business, as well as some useful tips and pieces of advice on how to achieve this. 

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Why Do Businesses Scan Their Paper Records?

Posted by Andrew D'Arcy on May 29, 2019 2:01:00 PM

One of the key considerations for businesses is how to handle their paper documents when the document is no longer being actively used within the office space. Many companies are now taking the time to ensure that their records are scanned and placed into an online cloud storage system. Let’s review a few of the business process benefits of scanning paper records.

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