How to Preserve Old Paper Documents

Posted by MESHDS on May 3, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Summary: it's easy to come to the conclusion that disposing of all your old paper documents is the best thing to do. But there are several good points on why preserving old paper documents is a good idea. Here we discuss why it's important and how you can preserve your old paper documents in the least invasive way possible.

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Are You Struggling With Physical Records Management?

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Feb 19, 2016 9:35:00 AM

Like most businesses, you create tens of thousands of documents each year. Although they are necessary, these documents will quickly pile up. With limited office space and the inability to destroy these documents, managing them all can be a struggle. When such a large pile of physical documents gets stacked up in your office, it can feel as though you're drowning in paperwork.

If your office is being overwhelmed by physical records, you can do something about it. Let's take a look at what steps you can take if you are struggling with physical records management.

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Why Paperless Medical Records are the Future for Health Practitioners

Posted by Scott Kimura on Feb 27, 2015 9:35:00 AM

You have probably already heard that paperless medical records are the future. Your peers in the medical industry may be discussing them right now. What you may not be aware of, however, is why they will be so pivotal for the way that health practitioners operate. Let's take a look at the reasons why:

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Topics: electronic medical records, paper records management

The 3 Best Ways for Business Records Storage

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Jun 12, 2014 3:45:00 PM

Business records are of paramount importance: they are crucial for compliance and tax obligations, and provide a frame of reference for your organization as you progress. There is also the fact that business records must be kept by law, and failure to do so can result in costly repercussions. 

However, it is not merely the act of keeping records that is important. A business must also do so efficiently, in order to avoid wasted resources, lost records, lapses in organization, and a myriad of other issues. That’s why an effective business records storage solution is so pivotal. Your business storage should not only curtail the mountain of paper in your office, but it should also offer security, enable easy access to specific documents for employees who need it, and also reduce the administrative time it takes to file, organize and search for business records.

Below are 3 business records storage solutions that can help you save time, money, and ensure you keep records with pinpoint accuracy.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Paper Records Management

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Jun 10, 2014 2:29:00 PM

Did you know that the average employee spends up to 40% of their time simply searching for the information they need to do their jobs? That’s a lot of time (and money) that could be allocated towards tasks that help improve business performance.

Often, this wasted time is a result of poor paper records management. When employees need to dig through a large inventory of physical files, can’t recall if the document was born analog or digitally, or otherwise have issues locating certain records, this is an indication that your current paper records management system is sorely inefficient.

However, implementing certain changes can help to significantly improve your paper records management, so that every person in your organization spends less time searching for documents and more time attending to role-critical functions. Here are 3 ways that you can improve your paper records management to increase the efficiency of your business.

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Topics: paperless office, physical records management, paper records management

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