The Latest Trends in Data Security and How You Can Use Them to Increase Business

Posted by Scott Kimura on Apr 8, 2016 9:35:00 AM

As the way we use technology evolves, so do the ways in which we protect ourselves. In this regard, data security has grown a great deal. Let's take a look at how the evolution of digital security has shaped the latest trends in this area.

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Topics: data security, business growth

How an Electronic Document Management System Can Support Business Growth

Posted by Robert Adshead on Oct 7, 2015 9:35:00 AM

You want your business to grow. There are many assets that you can invest in to spur business growth. When you think of how to grow your business, better marketing and complex power moves within your industry come to mind. However, one of the most powerful tools that you should be using right now is actually relatively simple. You need an electronic document management system. Let's explore how this small move can take your business' growth to the next level.

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Topics: Electronic Records, business growth, Document Management and ECM

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