The Latest Trends in Data Security and How You Can Use Them to Increase Business

Posted by Scott Kimura on Apr 8, 2016 9:35:00 AM

The Latest Trends in Data Security and How You Can Use Them to Increase Business

As the way we use technology evolves, so do the ways in which we protect ourselves. In this regard, data security has grown a great deal. Let's take a look at how the evolution of digital security has shaped the latest trends in this area.



The latest trends in data security

Cloud-based digital security

As more businesses rely on the cloud for routine activities, the need for cloud-based security becomes more apparent. As a result, active investments in security on the cloud are being made across the board.

A stronger focus on secure platforms

For decades, data security has focused almost exclusively on security software like firewalls and antivirus systems. However, data thieves have become extremely proficient at breaking through these barriers. Once this security is breached, your data is vulnerable. That's why data security experts are moving towards more secure platforms. This means that the data itself will be secured on multiple levels. This way, even if someone unauthorized manages to break through your front line of defenses to access or steal your data, it will still be protected.

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Enhanced digital security awareness programs

Many digital attacks won't rely on the brute force of forcing one's way through your digital defenses. Instead, data thieves rely on your employees and clients to give them access. If your staff’s digital security awareness is lacking, then they will eventually make a mistake that will cause a digital security catastrophe. An employee unwittingly creating a digital security disaster by doing something as simple as opening an email attachment from an unknown sender is a common occurrence. As a result, enhanced digital security awareness programs have become mandatory for many organizations.

More security breach preparation

As we have seen countless times in recent years, even some of the top digital security programs have weaknesses. This means that a data breach could happen to anyone, including your company. The key to minimizing the damage this causes is to never make the assumption that your digital assets are 100% safe. Instead, enhance your ability to recover from any unforeseen data security breaches by preparing for it beforehand. You should have a complete digital recovery plan in place.

How joining the latest data security trends can increase your business

A better marketing campaign

One of the main concerns that your potential clients will have before they choose to work with you is how well you will be able to protect their sensitive data, especially if you collect personal social security or business tax ID numbers. When you can boast about being on the cutting edge of digital security because you follow the latest trends, more clients will gravitate towards your business.

Enhanced negotiations

When you are negotiating terms with a client, what terms they are willing to accept will ultimately come down to what you can offer them. When you can remind them that your company provides some of the best data protection available, your negotiating position immediately becomes significantly stronger.

Data breach prevention

The primary benefit of improving your digital security will always be your improved protection against data breaches. The value of this benefit cannot be understated, because preventing data breaches will help to ensure that your company isn't faced with a catastrophic loss.

Is your data safe?

Although being digital is a must to succeed in today's world, you will be at risk for digital attacks. Following the latest data security trends will help you protect your company from huge losses when someone tries to break through your digital defenses.


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