What is Scan to Zero?

Posted by Andrew D'Arcy on May 23, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Companies storing a large number of paper documents must continue to pay for storage costs and may be subject to significant security and data risks. Now, our team at MES is offering a clear solution to this common business process challenge. In this new post, we’ll explore our Scan to Zero service and its value.

Designed to Reduce Offsite Storage Costs

Many companies are currently paying ever-growing offsite document storage costs as the number of documents used within their business grows, and the space within their office is reduced. The clear goal of our Scan to Zero service is to help your business reduce the burden of high offsite storage costs and improve its access to cloud-based, secure documents.

Tired of never ending record storage bills? Learn more about Scan to Zero

Direct Access to Your Files

While other offsite storage providers can take days or even weeks to provide you with the files you ask for from their storage, we deliver your files within a few hours. This is ideal for companies who require flexible document access when working with customers.

Set Number of Files Are Digitized Each Month

Each month, a set number of files that you have in storage with us is digitized. This process reduces the burden of securing paper files within an offsite storage facility and allows your team immediate data access. Once the file has been digitized, it can be easily retrieved by your team. Through the digitization process, you can simplify collaboration between team members working long distances away from one another. You can also build in-house systems that allow for immediate data retrieval when a customer calls your offices.

Supports a Clear Scanning Goal

Scan to Zero is designed with a clear scanning goal. Once we’ve scanned each of the documents that require scanning and shredded documents chosen by your team to be destroyed, we can then completely eliminate all paper documents in your offices. That means you no longer have to pay offsite storage companies for the storage costs, and you don’t have to worry about document data getting into the wrong hands.

Improve Data Security

One of the clear benefits of Scan to Zero is that your data is protected when it’s in its paper form. Rather than have important documents stored in your filing cabinets, you can have them sent to our secure building ready for the scanning phase. Our security systems are designed to offer the highest level of protection around the clock, and our team offers proven document security experience.

Our team at MES is committed to data security and affordable data storage. Our Scan to Zero service sets the industry standard for reducing offsite data security costs and streamlining business process optimization for the long term. You can turn to our experts for all document scanning and management needs while leveraging your existing budget to eliminate all storage expenditures. Call today for details.

Tired of never ending record storage bills? Learn more about Scan to Zero

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