The Disadvantages of a Record Storage Facility

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Oct 16, 2014 4:27:00 PM



Given the costs of keeping paper files on-site, as well as the real estate that filing cabinets can occupy with a high-volume of documents, many organizations have opted for a record storage facility. While these help to reduce the amount of on-site storage required for housing business documents, using a record storage facility also comes with many disadvantages. Here are the biggest issues associated with record storage facilities that may inspire your organization to opt for a different document storage solution.

  • 1. Inconvenience

The most obvious – and arguably, the most significant – disadvantage of a document storage facility is that your organization has to store its business documents off-site. The major downfall of this is that you do not have quick, convenient access to your files should you need them. This can lead to a reduced ability to make important business decisions quickly, as you can’t easily access the intelligence you need to inform the decisions, and it can also harm productivity. 


  • 2. Cost

While a record storage facility may help alleviate cost associated with on-site physical storage, it is still an ongoing cost that can get quite expensive depending on volume. The fees you pay for storage, coupled with the inconvenience of off-site storage, can become much higher in cost than your organization originally anticipated.


  • 3. Record Security

Most off-site record storage facilities are highly secure – likely more so than if you were to store documents on-site. However, they are still susceptible to the same potential damages as all physical files. Theft, fire and water damage, and more are still very real threats to the integrity of your records. If your data isn’t copied elsewhere, or isn’t backed up electronically, you can easily lose important information completely.


  • 4. Misplacement and Misfiling of Documents

When you opt for an off-site document storage facility, it’s because you are in need of a space to store physical documents. The issue with physical documents is that they are susceptible to misplacement and misfiling. This is true regardless of whether you store on-site or choose an off-site record storage facility. However, if your files are misplaced or improperly stored off-site, they may be even more difficult to relocate than if they were misplaced on-site. This can end up costing a significant amount of time and money.


While opting for a record storage facility may carry many advantages over storing physical records on-site, it still lacks many of the benefits of other storage solutions like electronic document management. Opting for digital file storage and management can help alleviate many of the challenges associate with both on-site and off-site record storage, all while improving operational efficiency.


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