How Scan to Zero will Safely Clear Out Your Filing Cabinets

Posted by MESHDS on Feb 15, 2022 11:00:00 AM

Have you ever considered how much of your office space is taken up by filing cabinets? It isn’t just about having a filing room, but all the filing cabinets located at individual desks and areas throughout the office. You might be surprised how much space is wasted by filing cabinets, and also how much time is wasted finding files by your team. 

If your business has been stacking up files for decades, chances are those cabinets are infringing on space and costing you money. If you are a new business, this is the time to consider document management and find an effective storage solution today.

Converting your paper documents to digital files using Scan to Zero methods is the easiest way to rid yourself of space and time-wasting filing cabinets. It offers invaluable benefits while also bringing your business up to date. Digitization is the best way to reduce space dedicated to storage, improve your ROI in your rent per square foot and also provide cost-savings by improving efficiencies.

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What is Scan to Zero?

Scan to Zero reduces the costs of a massive scanning and storage job by doing it in manageable bites. It is an alternative to both onsite and offsite document storage, eliminating ongoing expenses and providing easy access to all documents without delay or per access penalties. Scan to Zero is a customized document and data solution for both paper and digital files offering the following:

  • Scans a set amount of paper documents per month until you’re completely paperless
  • Documents are stored as they are scanned for easy access
  • Safe, secure storage during the scanning process at no additional cost
  • File requests within hours
  • Upload scans to your choice of your own servers or a secure cloud-based information management system
  • Eliminate recurring costs for offsite storage
  • Speed up access to information

Your business becomes paperless, with easy access to documents on either affordable cloud storage, or storage on your own drives.

Improving Efficiencies and Productivity with Scan to Zero

Your team will tell you the idea of eliminating old school, outdated file systems is the right step to improve efficiencies. Let’s consider common issues of filing cabinets:

  • Filing cabinets take up physical space
  • It takes longer to find, retrieve and refile paper files than digital file access
  • Lost files are not uncommon when team members forget to refile documents
  • Misfiles are also common putting confidential information at risk
  • Cramped office space could make your work environment uncomfortable and even increase stress
  • Duplication is costly with people having to find files, copy the pages, and refile the information
  • Copies cost money for paper and photocopier maintenance
  • Any manual tasks performed by your team are considered low value which means they eat into profit margins

These are just a few examples of how manual storage and paper files reduce efficiencies and productivity. Scan to Zero eliminates all of these issues providing a single data center for all documents, eliminating paper, duplicates and lost files.

Eliminate Loss

Digital files never get lost. Even if someone were to inadvertently delete a file, you have backups. In fact, you can also reduce the risk for this type of accident by limiting document access by role. This ensures fewer people are accessing the files. Scan to Zero also eliminates the need for your own hard drive storage, as it offers a cloud storage option. As a result, you don’t need filing cabinets or drives at all!

General Storage Cost Savings

If you’ve been spending money for years on offsite document storage you not only pay the price for the facility but also the cost to send someone to retrieve documents when you need them. If your requests are made through the facility itself, this can sometimes take days, which can interfere with your customer service. 

With Scan to Zero, you have a comprehensive range of products and services to match your needs and budget with scalable solutions to accommodate future growth. Finding customized solutions ensures you can access your information when you need it, set a schedule that suits your needs and budget, and see little to zero disruption during the scanning and transferring process. You also choose whether you use your own data storage system or cloud-based storage.

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Safeguards to Protect Your Data

Unlike file cabinets, auxiliary services included with Scan to Zero include safeguards to protect your data. Password protection, encryption, role-based access and more provide a higher level of protection. You determine which employees/managers can access different levels of information, allowing you to assign responsibility easily. Reduced access decreases accidents such as document altering or deletion. It also avoids the degradation of data. Built-in safety policies in combination with the audit trail function make your system even more secure.

Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Scan to Zero eliminates concerns of office or storage facility fires, misplaced documents or tampering. You have backups for everything, so continuity is ensured without disruption to your business. Disaster recovery is the ultimate security feature helping you get back up and running quickly should a disaster occur. Your policy allows you to quickly regain access and operation to your IT infrastructure using a plan suited to your business.

Your Business is Future Proofed

When it comes to technology and storage, the future is now. Scan to Zero allows you to become part of the new age, using competitive storage options that keep you relevant. Low monthly fee options in hand with suitable schedules to ease costs allow you to clear out those filing cabinets once and for all. Instead of paying overtime for months so your employees can clear out years of data and move it to an expanding office space to accommodate paper file storage, you reduce your file footprint. 

This methodical process allows you to remain in a smaller office space. Digitization stores your files without space-wasting filing cabinets, while ensuring the information you need is always at your fingertips. The savings you experience over time will balance out the costs for Scan to Zero, while also providing years of cost savings with newfound efficiencies.

If you are ready to enter the new age of document storage and management, reach out to our team today.

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