5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an HR Records Management System

Posted by MESHDS on Jan 10, 2022 1:50:00 PM

Human resources play an integral role in any company’s success, and an HR records management system supports this role in many ways. The HR department deals with a lot of tedious paperwork, and those files are often confidential.

While HR documents vary by industry and business, some common types of records kept by HR, include:

  • Onboarding and employee information
  • T4s and other tax forms
  • Employee rewards or penalization
  • Health records
  • Benefits packages and other personal information
  • Hiring and firing records

Juggling all these documents in paper form is time-consuming and confusing. For many companies, digitizing HR documents saves time and money.

With more than 40-years of experience in paperless records and document management software, we know a bit about the benefits of a paperless HR department. 

Here, we’ll share 5 of the top advantages to HR document management in North America.

1. Quick and Consistent Onboarding

No two employees are the same, but the HR department should treat every employee equally. A consistent onboarding process helps ensure every experience is regulated and uniform in delivery.

The onboarding process differs from company to company, but you can expect a few steps to remain the same. A typical onboarding process includes:

  • Employee preparation
  • Introductions
  • Training
  • Document signing
  • Benefits overview
  • Employee handbook
  • Company culture and policy review

Rather than juggling paperwork, DMS and HR automation streamline the onboarding process, making it quick, easy, and consistent across the board. From filling out paperwork to signing contracts to completing training, all onboarding files can be made accessible through the click of a mouse.

2. Easy Candidate Searches and Employee Information Collection

One of the roles HR takes on is hiring. This means having access to resumes, applications, references, and more. In an office based on traditional paper-filled practices, hiring requires a lot of organization and sifting through documents. If forms and applications were handwritten, it also means struggling to decipher what each applicant wrote.

Storing documents digitally, or better yet, having digital documents filled online and directed to HR makes your human resource personnel’s job much easier. When hiring documents are digitized, HR can:

  • Search by name
  • Scan documents easily
  • Enlarge hard to read areas
  • Sort through files alphabetically, chronologically, or by a keyword

Finding, filling, and replying to documents becomes a simple matter of clicking the mouse and typing a reply. The hiring process is suddenly much faster and requires fewer man-hours to achieve a top-notch candidate.

3. Easily Outlined Data Compliance Protocols

Privacy and security are two essential components to the human resources department. Working with so much personal information and internal company data, compliance becomes a big issue if not properly handled.

Some regulations for compliance are outlined by the government for tax purposes, others may be mandatory by law. Compliance protocols tell your HR department things like:

  • What information must be retained
  • How to dispose of data
  • Types of data that must be disposed of immediately
  • Who data may be shared with

Records management systems give your HR department a breather in the compliance department. Everything is organized and stored appropriately, and compliance regulations can be set and followed through automation, or manually with reminders from your document management software.

MES Hybrid Document Systems works with many companies to improve compliance monitoring. We offer solutions to security concerns and provide a secure storage facility for cloud-based file safety.

4. Tighter Document Organization and Fewer Missing Files

When HR paperwork goes missing it makes big problems. Not only are many HR files crucial to employees and management alike, but they also often contain personal and private information. Keeping documents organized and protected is essential.

HR records management systems make it easy to organize, file, and retrieve documents. No more sorting through file folders and cabinets for the right document. Instead, recall any file by keyword, file name, file location, or date.

The organization of files goes beyond physical location. HR records management also incorporates higher security protocols than a locked filing cabinet. Some of the security features you can expect in the digital filing include:

  • Watermarks
  • Encryption
  • Password protection

Optimized file management helps with many things, including employee retention and interdepartmental relations.

5. Training Upgrades and Employee Recognition

In a big company, it’s easy for employees to get lost in the daily grind. Opting for a structured HR records management system keeps all your employees visible, and accountable.

Having easy access to employee and company files makes it easy to train staff. Like onboarding, training needs to be consistent, and training protocols are constantly being updated to meet changes in the industry.

Access to digital training documents, videos, and charts lets you more easily:

  • Share information
  • Get documents signed and returned
  • Ensure all training materials have been seen by the necessary parties
  • Reward employees who do well

Employee recognition is easy to track with digital HR record management. You can monitor everything from punctuality and attendance to performance and recent employment reviews.

At MES Hybrid Document Systems, we can help your HR department scan and upload paper files and implement new paperless filing going forward. Train your employees and acknowledge their accomplishments without skipping a beat.

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Accurate, timely, and customer-driven, you can count on us to meet deadlines and get your HR department digitized in no time. We work closely with clients to design a seamless transition period and set your employees up for success.

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