The Benefits of a Scan to Zero Program for Large HR Departments

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Jul 12, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Few departments in any company deal with paperwork on a larger scale than the HR department—and while it may be easy for a smaller scale HR department to keep up with the documents at hand, larger HR departments can quickly balloon to unmanageable inefficiency. Our Scan to Zero program helps reign in paper documentation over time, slowly transitioning your department from analog records to a paperless office.


Employees will find it easier to look up documents and get back to work when documents are digitally stored. For larger HR departments, the benefits can be immense—a leaner, more effective team can keep up with exponentially more paperwork when managing digital records, meaning your HR department doesn’t need to grow rapidly to keep up with the growth of your company.

Data Security

Once you’ve transferred your documents to digital storage, you’ll be able to put the full force of your data security suite to work protecting the information contained—no need to worry about documents being left out, carried away, or photocopied when you’ve eliminated the physical documentation. Yes, data stored digitally can still be stolen—but unlike a physical copy, such theft leaves behind clear and easily trackable records, allowing you to understand what’s been taken, when, and possibly by who. Benefits you won’t have if someone removes a document from a filing cabinet and walks away with it.  

Storage Efficiency

Office space costs money, even if that space only contains filing cabinets. By taking advantage of a scan to zero program for your HR department, you can cut the space necessary for your HR department to a fraction of what it currently takes up. That means less money spent housing paper to no benefit—a huge benefit for any HR department running out of space as employee records grow. Reclaim your floor space for people, and see the benefits in morale and productivity.  


Even the best-preserved physical document deteriorates over time. Copying methods often introduce new errors and deviations, meaning that even if you try to produce fresh copies for storage from time to time, it may not work out as well as you’d hope—and it will take far more time than making a few extra digital backups in safe places.


HR departments deal with some of the strictest regulatory compliance issues in any company, so it’s critical that you be able to control the way your data is stored, moved, and accessed. A scan to zero program makes it trivial to enact all the security, standards, and controls necessary to meet every federal, state, and industrial standard necessary for your HR compliance.

Customer Service

When the time comes to access the documents stored by your HR department, how difficult would it be to bring up the appropriate file? To get it where it needs to be, without violating best practices for security, compliance, and other concerns? With a scan to zero program in place, your documents will be easier to access, search through, and utilize than ever.  

Disaster Recovery

Physical documents fare poorly against physical threats. A scan to zero program in place at your HR department can protect critical data against any and all disasters that may strike: fires, floods, theft, sprinkler leaks, tornadoes, earthquakes, any of these can cause irrecoverable damage to data stored on traditional mediums. Take advantage of digital storage of your documents, and clean backups will always be available—whatever disaster may strike.

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