The Best Way to Quickly Scan Documents

Posted by MESHDS on Mar 1, 2022 9:15:00 AM

More Canadian companies are choosing to ditch paper filing and go digital. Partnering with a professional document scanner will help you get started and stay on track. Digital filing has multiple benefits, including:

  • Less time wasted
  • Better organization
  • Increased security
  • Reduced risk of lost documents
  • More space in the office

At MES Hybrid Document Systems, we work with mid-sized to large Canadian companies, supporting the move from paper to digital. Here, we’ll shed some light on the best way to quickly scan documents.

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Get Organized

Before the scanning process commences, it’s important to get your documents in order. Forming stacks based on department, date, and topic is one way to begin. This is one of the lengthier parts of your document scanning, but if you do this early, the scanning and filing will be much easier later.

To get your office organized, designate a team to handle all documents being scanned. Or select a representative from each department to manage the collection and organization of documents being scanned.

Once you have everything where it needs to be and know what’s scanning when, you can move on to choosing the right scanning equipment and software.

Double-Side Your Scan

Duplex scanning takes your double-sided documents and automatically scans your paper on both sides. For two-sided documents, duplex scanning is a necessity. Without the duplexing feature of a high-quality document scanner, you’re left flipping pages. This adds days, weeks, or months to your scanning time, depending on the number of documents you are working on scanning.

This is just one aspect of a good document scanner for mid-sized to large companies looking to go digital. Working with MES Hybrid Document Systems can help you find the best selection of specialty scanners at an affordable rate for your business. From cheque scanners to book scanners to wide-angle scanners, we can get it all.

Using a duplex scanner is a smart way to cover all your bases as you begin scanning. Sometimes a double-sided document gets trapped amidst a pile of single-sided pages. Manually scanning double-sided papers, means you might miss this one unique page in the pile. Your duplex printer will pick up on the added info automatically. This offers peace of mind, and protects you from missing information later, should the hard copy get shredded before you realize the mistake.

Get a Document Scanner with Auto Feed

The right document scanner looks different based on company size and use. One thing remains the same across the divide – auto-feed is a necessity. When scanning large stacks of paperwork, the auto-feed, feeds paper into the scanner one sheet at a time. This means you don’t need to stand there placing documents onto a tray and removing them when they’re done scanning.

Auto feed document scanners work differently than standard scanners. There’s no need to place the page on the screen and close a lid to scan. The scanning all happens inside the machine as it draws in each paper. The document is then stored electronically in the scanner, or equipment connected to the scanner. From here, files need to be organized.

Invest in the Right Software

Software makes all the difference in the speed and accuracy of your document scanner. Even the best document scanner can only do so much to file your paperwork online. The machine will scan the documents, but you either need to organize the files manually, or invest in some top-notch scanning software. This is time-consuming and costly.

Scanning software is designed to read the files as they appear through your scanner. The files are then placed in folders for later sorting and storage. If your document piles are well-organized, you can program your software to scan, file, and organize for you stack by stack.

Get on the Cloud

High-quality document scanner? Check. Scanning software? Check. Now, where does it all go? This is where using smart storage solutions will help speed up your scanning process. There’s nothing worse than getting a system going with your scanning, only to find your storage device is full, has gone missing, or worst of all is broken.

Cloud-based storage lets you put it all in one safe place where you can access it from anywhere with the right login information. Cloud storage is a simple, cost-effective, eco-friendly option for saving scanned documents. You can choose the amount of storage space you have and can move or copy documents to other devices and locations as desired.

Bring in a Professional

Like any task, working with a professional ensures higher quality results. MES Hybrid Document Systems supports clients from the beginning to the end of the paperless experience. We understand how daunting it can be to get started. To keep things moving, and ensure you stay on track digitizing all your documents, we create realistic goals and deadlines.

Working with an experienced team means you’re never on your own with a mountain of unmanageable paperwork. We will keep things moving, organized, and secure throughout the entire experience.

We also offer a handy document scanner estimating tool to help you gauge the time and expense of scanning your office. This takes some of the financial burdens out of the picture, as you determine just how quick is quick enough for your office digitization. Whatever your end goal, we will help you reach the finish line and bring your office into the future. 

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Get In Touch with MES Hybrid Document Systems

Interested in learning more about our document scanner services? MES Hybrid Document Systems is happy to answer any questions about the process and how it might benefit your business. For companies looking to leave paper behind and bring their business into the digital world, speedy document scanning is essential.

MES Hybrid Document Systems offers more than just document scanning. We also help clients find the best document scanning hardware, organize microfilm scanning, and provide business processing services. Call 1-905-475-9263 or visit us online to learn more.

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