The Benefits of Healthcare Document Management in Improving Patient Care

Posted by MESHDS on Aug 28, 2023 8:00:00 AM

healthcare document management system

Traditional paper-based document management systems present ongoing challenges in the healthcare industry. Whether it is accessing patient records, sharing information, or avoiding errors and delays in critical healthcare processes, your facility must ensure that patient records are secure, accurate, and available immediately. An electronic healthcare document management system is the best solution to overcome common patient record issues. Here we look at the benefits of using transformative technology solutions to update your healthcare document management and significantly improve the level of care you offer patients.

Paperless Document Management System for the Healthcare Industry

Research shows that 56% of Canadian primary care physicians adopted electronic medical records as early as 2012. If you still struggle with paper documents, you cannot maintain the same level of care for your patients. However, an electronic document management system in healthcare converts your medical records to digital files to create a streamlined process to instantly store, access and securely share patient records with other medical professionals. 

Using the latest scanning technology, patient records can be scanned in bulk to capture patient information, including x-rays, to create a single format stored in a safe repository. Patient records are backed up daily, so records are never at risk of loss. You determine how the records are named and tagged so you can search by various criteria, whether it is the most recent patient visits, patient name, date of birth, doctor, etc. As a result, you can access and share records in moments, helping to save lives in those crucial seconds when accurate medical records make all the difference.

Scanning Patient Records for Secure Document Management In Healthcare

Scanning patient records helps improve confidentiality and security compared to outdated, paper-based systems. An electronic storage system helps ensure that sensitive patient information is never compromised. Advanced scanning systems quickly scan paper documents and transform them into digital records that can be safely stored in an electronic document management system. Projects are managed in a secure facility where your patient’s records are protected. The secure process ensures that:

  • Records are indexed consistently so new information is easily collected and added to patient charts safely
  • Indexing creates a simplified patient information search process, so records are never lost
  • Charts can only be edited based on role-based security

Electronic patient records are accessed using authorized-based criteria. As a result, only medical professionals and administrators can share and access patient histories. You eliminate the risk of altering, losing, or damaging patient records while creating an audit trail, ensuring complete accountability for all interactions.

Accessible Patient Records with a Healthcare Document Management System

Records can instantly be shared with other medical professionals when critical decisions are made. It also ensures that the most up-to-date information is available so that referrals can be made with all relevant information to help streamline the process and appointments are scheduled without delay. Accessibility ensures patients receive the care they need promptly, whether it is an emergency, referral, or prescription renewal.

Streamlined Workflows with a Healthcare Document Management Software

Healthcare document management requires efficient workflows. Outdated paper filing systems can find patient files scattered throughout the office, making it difficult to access critical information when the file is in circulation. Delays in pulling files, getting them to care providers, faxing/photocopying records, and then refiling patient records all contribute to potential risks of lost documents and delays in patient care. However, healthcare document management software streamlines patient record document flow, offering the following efficiencies and improvements:

  • Instant access: Patient records are instantly accessed as they are always available within the centralized storage system. The software allows administrators and caregivers to quickly search patient records to find exactly what they need so that there are never delays in sharing patient-critical data.
  • Cost savings: Cost savings are realized immediately as time-consuming manual and repetitive tasks are eliminated. For example, caregivers use software to enter digital notes when interacting with patients, which are instantly saved and available as part of the patient's electronic chart. There is no need for costly, time-wasting steps such as pulling files, taking written notes, managing stacks of paper lab results, data entry, or refiling charts. Everything is automated so that new information is fed into the system and saved in the patient’s chart with minimal effort. Cost-savings are also seen without the need for paper filing systems that take up physical space. Space is freed up, allowing clinics to either move to a smaller, lower-rent office space or use the new space available for patient care to improve treatment and generate more income.
  • Improved document flow: Software automates patient document flow reducing the effort required to create, access, share, and maintain patient records. Manual tasks are eliminated, allowing staff to focus on patient care instead of document upkeep and management.
  • Reduced errors: Misfiles become a thing of the past, as patient records are saved directly into the electronic charts. There is zero risk of administrators misfiling critical patient information, including lab tests, imaging, referrals, prescriptions, etc., as everything is automatically saved to the chart. You also create rules that double-check OHIP numbers, dates of birth, first, last and middle names, addresses, etc., to ensure the information is always stored in the right patient electronic folder. You avoid loss of records and errors that could make a significant difference in patient outcomes. As a result, your entire team delivers first-rate, accurate, and safe patient care.

Improved Compliance with a Healthcare Document Management System

Healthcare is one of the most controlled sectors in Canada. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that all the tasks carried out by your team related to patient information comply with regulations and laws. You are responsible for ensuring reasonable steps are taken to protect patient records with a secure document management system. 

Patient records management systems include controls that help your team adhere to patient record laws without keeping them from efficiently completing their work. Patient document managers set authorizations to ensure users can only access certain levels of healthcare documents as required to complete their jobs and provide the highest level of patient care and service.

Improved Patient Care via a Healthcare Management System

An electronic filing system ensures that all reports, records, results, etc., are retained for improved patient care. Whether it is creating a trail of patient physicals to indicate when a patient is due for their next physical, quick access to test results to provide information to patients or specialists, or allowing doctors to quickly search records for information such as vaccinations, recommended testing such as mammograms, or medication allergies, caregivers always have the information they need to ensure patients receive safe, informed, and up to date care.

If you are struggling with paper patient records or have adopted an electronic document management system but still have some paper records, MES can offer simplified solutions to streamline your document management. Click here to set up a free consultation today.

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