Scanning Closed Case Files Should Be a Top Priority for All Ontario Law Firms

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Dec 14, 2018 8:08:15 AM

Scanning closed case filesFor Ontario law firms with a large backlog of closed cases, maintaining records and ensuring that private details are kept secure is an ongoing and costly task. That's why many leading law firms are now taking the time to scan closed case files and digitize their records. Within this post, we'll explore the many benefits of the document scanning process.

Access to Case Details in Seconds

One of the key benefits of scanning closed case files and digitizing them within a cloud storage system is that it allows legal teams direct access to case details. That can often be important in reviewing current cases and comparing data between current and closed cases to see any alignment within the evidence. The process saves teams from having to pore over their old paperwork in detail.

Collaboration Between Attorneys and Law Enforcement

Often, defence lawyers will have direct connections with law enforcement teams when trying to identify new leads based on closed cases. Law enforcement teams can cross-reference case data provided by legal teams to determine if any evidence from the past case matches their investigatory work. This information can also be used in instances when law enforcement teams decide to open up a previously closed case when new evidence arises. Having digital access to this data helps legal teams work more efficiently in managing the caseload and in communicating with other stakeholders in the legal process.

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Save on Space

Beyond the many benefits that storing closed case files digitally can have in day-to-day legal work, there are many other functional advantages to the process. For example, law firms can save a significant amount of space within their offices. Rather than having to maintain large filing cabinets full of documents from past closed cases, dating back decades, they can scan and store documents on a secure network. The process means they can use their current storage areas for additional computers and provide more working space for their team.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Research teams can often become a significant expense within law firms across the country. Top lawyers depend on their researchers to pinpoint key case details and to analyze documents ready for trials. Deploying the latest digitization technology can streamline the role of research teams, helping law firms significantly reduce their costs over the long-term. Rather than having large teams go over documents in fine detail, lawyers can now employ a few specialists to manage their digital data. These specialists can query the data and pick out key details in seconds. It’s how growing law firms are now managing their team’s time more efficiently and reducing their administrative expenditures by thousands of dollars per month.

Our team can help introduce your firm to the latest in digital record keeping. To learn more about our organization and the latest tools available to your team, contact us today to book a consultation.

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