How to Increase Customer Service Capabilities with a DMS

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Nov 7, 2014 9:30:00 AM

how_to_increase_customer_service_capabilities_with_a_DMSFor those in who deal primarily in client facing roles or industries, there is one ongoing challenge faced across the board: how to increase customer service to provide a better customer experience. The importance of offering the very best to customers is no secret – in a competitive market, customer retention, recommendations and word-of-mouth are crucial to success. However, discussions on how to increase customer service capabilities typically fail to include any mention of document management, when in fact they should. Here are just a few ways you can increase client service capabilities via a file management system.


Immediate Access

Any question on how to increase customer service should focus, at least partially, on your front line employees – the client service staff themselves. In order for client services representatives to properly do their jobs, they need to be able to get access to specific information quickly and conveniently. Document Management Systems help facilitate this process.

They do this primarily by centralizing all client paperwork into a single system that allows for quick, efficient retrieval. Information that was formerly spread across multiple databases and paper files is all integrated into one intuitive system. This means that opportunities aren’t missed and customers don’t become frustrated with the answer “let me get back to you on that.”


Information Accuracy

One issue that can cause significant strain on your relationships with your customers is inaccurate information. With paper or decentralized records, not only is retrieval difficult, but human error and duplicate documents lead to inaccurate information – which is often used to make decisions. Document management systems help to alleviate these issues and ensure that when you correspond with customers, you use the correct information to provide the best service.


Resolving Issues More Quickly

Since document management systems allow for immediate access to necessary customer information, your customer service staff is better able to resolve customer issues when they arise. Instead of taking a few days to correct a problem, it can be done in a matter of minutes. This is crucially important to customers because any issues can lose them money and increase their costs. Thus, the better able you are to help them resolve their issues, the more satisfied they will be with your service.

Ultimately, file management systems help companies achieve a very important goal – providing better service. This is why, when considering how to increase customer service capabilities, document management should be part of the discussion. 


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