How to Improve Your Recruitment Process with Better Document Management

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Aug 28, 2014 9:04:00 AM

It’s common knowledge that people are what really drive success in a business. Without a talented team, no organization can truly improve and excel. That’s why acquiring the right talent is so critical. Yet, many businesses still battle inefficiencies in their recruitment process that make it difficult to recruit and hire the perfect candidate for the job. Typically, these inefficiencies can be attributed in large part to poor document management. As a result, improving your document management can in fact improve your recruitment process. Here’s how.


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Better Application Reception and Filing

One of the most cumbersome aspects of the hiring process is the sheer number of applicants and resumes received by HR departments and professionals. Poring over resumes is one of the most time-intensive tasks involved in talent acquisition, and with the influx of applications, it’s easy to overlook talent – particularly because HR doesn’t have the time to thoroughly study every resume.

How can improving your document management process help? At the basest level, they allow you to establish a process to receive all forms, resumes and supplementary materials electronically within a single online system, which logically stores all information against a candidate’s name and automatically routes it to relevant personnel. This means that all applications can be stored more effectively for future use, without taking up tons of space in the office.


Better Candidate Tracking and Searchability

Since the filing and storage of applications is more efficient when you improve your records management, searchability is improved. High quality records management systems allow you to use tagging, metadata and other identifiers to organize information, which can be easily retrieved using a search function. This means that HR can search through previously submitted applications using keywords or other data/values when looking to fill a role in the future, so that when a position becomes available, they don’t have to duplicate efforts.


Saving on Time and Administration

Recruitment is a costly process largely because it takes up so much time. In particular, paper management requires a high volume of administration, though even non-automated electronic management carries inefficiencies. Better document management allows you to significantly reduce the time expended on recruitment and hiring because it automates much of the manual tasks, improves workflows and makes the retrieval of information much easier.

With many of the more arduous, tedious tasks involved in the recruitment process eliminated (or reduced), HR departments and professionals can focus on the things that truly matter to your business – like finding the perfect candidate for the role. 


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