How to Cut Costs with Cloud Storage for Business

Posted by MESHDS on Feb 8, 2022 11:00:00 AM

Cloud storage streamlines processes and improves the security of confidential information. However, you might find the cost of document storage is getting expensive. If your business has a higher volume of documents, whether you have paper files and folders, digital documents, or both you still have to budget for storage. 

While you might assume cloud storage is more expensive, according to The Paperless Project, the cost of renting an offsite document storage facility is $150 dollars per month for an average business. For onsite storage, PricewaterhouseCoopers found document storage costs $25,000 per cabinet and $2,100 to maintain a year. Cloud storage is probably starting to look a lot more attractive right about now. So how can you cut costs with cloud storage? Here are a few ways you’ll cut expenses.

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No More Wasted Time Due to Replicated or Lost Copies

PricewaterhouseCoopers also found that it costs a business on average $122 dollars to make up for lost copies. As well, companies tend to have more than one person making copies of the exact same document which costs money for paper, printer maintenance, and of course each individual’s time. 

Cloud storage for business eliminates this waste completely. Your document management becomes streamlined, so you never have dozens of copies of the same document floating around, which becomes a document archive nightmare. You also increase the risk of losing confidential information whether it is your own information or that of your client’s with paper. 

Your cloud-based solution requires the original document only, providing its content on-demand to authorized team members regardless of file size or file version. Authorization and use of the document are also managed based on the role which dictates whether someone can simply read it, edit it or share it.

No More Primary Storage Costs

If you’re worried you're faced with both primary storage costs and cloud storage service costs, your goal is to not just improve document management, but also become paperless. All paper documents can be scanned and archived as digital files for easy access from the cloud. This reduces primary storage costs while also opening up more physical space at your site. 

You then pay for more affordable unlimited storage improving efficiencies for easy access using document storage software. This is an on-demand solution for easy retrieval that no longer requires labor-intensive manual searches for documents. You don’t pay for storage facilities, you don’t pay for wasted rent on file storage per square foot at your office and you have a scalable, affordable solution with all documents in one easy to read, share and edit format.

Secure Cloud Storage for Business

Once you migrate your database to the cloud, you reduce costs for security. The service includes your choice of security options, such as multiple access levels and encryptions. You reduce the risk for costly, not to mention PR-nightmare security breaches which is a cost-saving on its own. As well, cloud-based solutions ensure compliance with document management norms in the respective field. You also have cloud backups so you never lose sensitive, proprietary or confidential information which can ultimately ruin your company. You can eliminate risk for a serious data disaster that costs a fortune to resolve if they even are resolvable.

Ensured Maintenance Through Improved Resource Management

When your data is stored in a mix of digital and paper-based formats, it becomes impossible to keep things organized. While most people will comply with your resource management process (if you even have one), it is still a free-for-all where people will become lazy and won’t follow protocols. This creates a domino effect where files become disorganized, security and confidentiality are at risk, files get lost or take more time to find, and maintenance falls by the wayside. 

Cloud storage for business enforces resource management, as there is only one way to access the data. You no longer need to worry about maintenance as it is automated through your service. You no longer need to worry about resource management, or wasted time searching for lost or disorganized files. Employees focus on higher-value tasks increasing productivity and allowing you to become more effective at generating revenue.

Easily Manage Growth with Cloud Storage for Business

Cloud storage solutions provide scalable data centers, so you aren’t constantly faced with the challenge of finding more storage. The service allows you to add more storage space without breaking the bank, moving your office, or investing in more costly rent for a storage facility. You don’t have to worry about adjusting to meet your storage needs because cloud storage for business eliminates the need for constantly investing in and reconfiguring hardware for your existing digital storage onsite. 

Tech is automatically updated by your service provider. This is a very flexible approach to storage allowing you to access updates often in less than a day. Your service is responsive to your needs and offers flexible customization, so you constantly improve the way you do business as your company grows and changes. Cloud capabilities are constantly improving as well, so on the flip side new ways to manage growth become available.

Easy Access from Anywhere, Any Time

With more small businesses adopting a hybrid workplace with office space, and remote worker setups you require cloud capabilities to meet the needs of your diverse workforce. In fact, even your clients are experiencing this challenge, and having cloud-based storage offers you a unique advantage to meet their needs. Both your team and clients can choose the device that is most convenient for them to access data and share files from anywhere at any time. Platforms are easy to use, with collaboration features to reduce the need for support, while also providing access to important documents in real-time. This also makes your workplace more flexible so people can work based on their own schedules. Because you control access by role, everyone only sees the documents they need and are authorized to see.

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Updated Technological Infrastructure

Cloud computing modernizes outdated technological infrastructure, while also eliminating the need for you to carry the burden and cost of ongoing updates. Your infrastructure becomes outdated quickly costing you time and money to catch up with industry standards. This can make your company appear behind the times, so you fail to meet client expectations. With cloud-based storage and solutions, you can adapt your on-premises infrastructure to improve capabilities and remain more resilient to constantly changing tech. 

From security to data storage and from document sharing and editing to customer service, your on-prem systems remain relevant to your team and clients and align with your business plan. You also become more productive and focused on customer needs.

Now is the time to consider cloud storage to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and remain responsive to client needs. Click here to set up a consultation with our team today.

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