How Document and Workflow Automation Transformed the Way We Do Business on a Global Scale

Posted by Andrew D'Arcy on Dec 12, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Getting time back due to improvements in a business process translates directly to higher profits, according to recent reports from Forbes. If your staff implements document and workflow automation, it ensures that you're able to expand your business globally. 

Here are just a few of the ways that business automation has changed the way that businesses operate around the globe. 

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Better Communication

Workflow automation's greatest benefit has had to be in the way that it's smoothed out communication. Ask any manager and they'll tell you that communication is one of the most persistent and challenging hurdles that their teams face. 

When one employee passes information to another, there's no guarantee that the information is going to make it in one piece. Even with shared documents and the accountability that comes from digital systems, there can still be miscommunication.

If you're working globally, translations can be made on the fly, allowing your business to continue expanding. 

With the average worker spending hours per day checking emails, there's a lot of data pouring in that can muddle productivity. With automation, you can streamline workplace communication to reach a higher level of collaboration.

Relevant work information sent directly to employees without physical restrictions or the need to sift through emails is possible with collaboration tools. When you need to send reminders or updates about major projects, those messages can be automated to ensure that they're seen by the right people.

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Errors are Eliminated

Errors are totally normal for even the highest performing businesses. No matter how well organized your business is, there's going to need to be room for mistakes. However, you need to keep track of how frequently your team is making those errors.

With the help of document and workflow automation, it's easier to keep track of projects and hold people accountable. There shouldn't have to be a lot of thought put into keeping track of documents and ensuring that they're properly filed. Most employees are required to multitask and automation helps them do just that.

Distractions can be fatal for an important project. If a staff member gets distracted, misfiles something, or drags a message to the wrong inbox, it could cause hours of trouble later on. With workflow automation, the process is simplified.

With just a minimal amount of input from your team, they'll be set up for success.

Eliminate Risk

One of the issues for companies dealing with financial services or sensitive health information is the high prospect of risk. The data and the work that you do could be very lucrative when in the hands of hackers or nefarious actors. When errors are common, risks rear their ugly head.

The resources that you collect and store need to be handled carefully. It could do serious damage to your organization if data ends up in the wrong place. Even the most seemingly banal personal information could be valuable to a company looking to sell it.

Make sure that you're always balancing accounts accurately to stay out of legal trouble and stay on the good side of your biggest clients.

Automation is your best bet for protecting sensitive information. You'll reduce errors that are caused by human interaction through the tasks including sorting and ordering that are so vital to a business's efficiency. This way, your staff will be free to focus on the tasks that require more engagement from them.

Automation Saves Time

The longer a process is, the more expensive it is. When your processes are long, the customers and your staff will both be irritated and stressed out. No one wants to wait and no one wants to deal with the stress that comes from making someone wait, especially when tasks could be automated.

Your longest processing times will be cust down when you implement workflow automation. The manual documentation process is no longer necessary when you have tools for storing information and sorting it out in the background. When a customer calls or makes any point of contact with your business, you should have their entire history with you at your disposal.

Sending data along the appropriate channels is another way that these tools can help. If you're in a hospital where the staff goes back and forth delivering data all day, automation can ensure that this data is secured on mobile devices instead.

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More Productivity at a Higher Quality

Productivity is great but it often comes at the expense of the quality of service that you provide. However, with automation tools, you can cut down on processes by a significant percentage.

If a two-hour task can be cut down to 30 minutes thanks to automation, that remaining 75% of the time can ensure you get four times as much work done. Doing more work in less time is ideal for any type of service provider or business.

All along the way, the best document and workflow automation tools ensure that every business process is optimized. These tools can check for mistakes and errors while they do their processing. This improves the quality of your results while giving your staff time back to improve customer service.

Business Process Automation Is a Profit Generator

While it might seem like building business process automation into your workflow is going to cost you money, your overall savings will quickly eclipse that. By automating the most costly tasks, the ones taking your team away from clients, you can improve customer experiences while you grow profits.

If this is part of a larger effort to go paperless, check out our guide for tips on how to make it happen.

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