7 Key Ways Document Scanning Reduces the Risks of Paper Records

Posted by MESHDS on Dec 21, 2021 3:10:19 PM

Paper records are used less and less in business settings, and for good reason. With most businesses operating on the digital platform, and many going mobile, storing documents manually no longer makes sense.

At MES Hybrid Document Systems, we provide document scanning services to make peace of mind out of pieces of paper. One of the questions we receive most regarding our work in document scanning is how digital storage benefits companies. This is a popular query for long-standing businesses that were built on the concept of paper records.

Here, we’ll discuss 7 key ways document scanning can reduce risk in your office, and why you should ditch paper for digital storage.

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1. Authority and Reputation Boost

Being the best in your industry means building a reputation for the fast delivery of services, high-quality products, and the best customer service. Paper records slow you down in these regards.

Not only do outdated business methods mark you with a red flag for investors and customers, but it also leave you without answers when you need them. Accessing files at the touch of a button allows you to sign, share, and store documents with no need to continuously bother customers or wait on couriers.

Your customers will thank you, and your reputation as a leader in your industry will shine through.

2. Security Implementation

Possibly the worst aspect of paper records is a lack of secure storage. Putting a lock on a filing cabinet isn’t enough to keep important records safe from theft or human error. When handling financial and personal information, your company is at risk of a security breach if paper copies go missing.

Digital copies can be:

  • Encrypted
  • Password protected
  • Watermarked

This deters data loss, identity theft, or accidental sharing of secure information. When your brand is known for your security protocols, your clients and shareholders can count on you.

At MES Hybrid Document Systems, the security of your documents is our top priority. We understand better than most the importance of privacy and security. You can count on us so your clients can count on you.

3. Minimizes Time Waste

When a customer asks a question or a business partner needs to see a contract, you want to get that information quickly and efficiently. Searching through stacks of paper manually can take hours, and worse, the document you need may be in use elsewhere.

Document scanning puts all the information you need into one place. Search for files by keyword, or storage location. If somebody else in your network is already using that document, no problem. Multiple users can access the same file as long as you have security clearance.

Forget spending time and resources digging for paperwork, and spend your time on more important matters, like running your business.

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4. Reduces Data Loss

Missing information is a critical flaw in manually storing documents. They can be filed under the wrong name, in the wrong cabinet, or not filed at all. Paper records increase the risk of:

  • Damaged documents
  • Misfiled documents
  • Lost documents
  • Stolen documents

Every company loses a piece of paper from time to time. It’s what’s on that paper that makes all the difference. Having to reach out a second time to a client or partner for private information makes your business look unprofessional and could have compliance implications.

Keep your important information in one place and under something more efficient than lock and key.

5. Maximizes Compliance

Compliance is the following of security and privacy mandates set for your company when managing certain types of information. From personal information to financial data to internal company reports, compliance takes many forms.

Maintaining compliance through paper records is more difficult than managing documents in digital form. It’s hard to prove that a file is secure when it’s simply stored in a filing cabinet in your office. Showing shareholders or government entities your encryption methods and password protection for digital copies looks much better from an outside perspective.

Digital storage also makes tax compliance simpler. All of your financial information is kept in one place and can be accessed from anywhere you have a connection to your digital storage system.

6. Avoids Physical Damage During Unforeseen Disaster

Business insurance covers a lot of risks, including physical damage to your office and supplies. However, no amount of insurance can bring back important paper records if a fire or flood destroys them.

Digital form record storage can be saved in multiple locations, or in the cloud. This means, there is no physical record in your office to be damaged if an unforeseen disaster should strike.

Leave insurance to cover desks, chairs, and computers, and keep your important documents safe by implementing early document scanning and digital storage.

7. Increases Accessibility

Finally, accessibility is a major reason so many companies are turning to document scanning services. Managing thousands of sheets of paper to locate one file is torture and could take your team hours of research.

Digital documents can be found with a simple keyword search and extracted with a provided password. There are many ways to store your files, including the MES Hybrid Document Systems secure storage facility.

We provide you exclusive access to your documents 24/7 from anywhere you can connect to your account. No more waiting until you get to the office to review a contract or read an important document. Instead, you can access your files any time, anywhere with no need for third-party assistance.

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Contact MES Hybrid Document Systems for Document Scanning Services

Interested in learning more about reducing the risks of storing paper documents? We can help. With more than 40-years of experience in secure storage and document compliance, MES Hybrid Document Systems has the tools and knowledge to streamline your record-keeping system.

Forget the stress and opt for digital copies. Take a look at our Document Management Resource Centre for more information or contact us today to speak to an expert. 

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