5 Tips for Choosing the Best Document Management Software

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Sep 16, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Best-document-management-software.jpgTechnological advances in recent years have enabled businesses all over the world to enjoy the many benefits of highly efficient document management software. These powerful systems enable businesses in nearly every industry to optimize performance, cut costs, save valuable space and enhance security. But you need to find the best document management software to make the most of these benefits.

As companies delve into the world of digital document storage, however, the explosion of new features and available options can be confusing. If you are having difficulty determining the best document management software for your business, you are in the right place. We have developed 5 tips to help ensure that you choose the most effective solution for your business.

Automation is Essential

One of the benefits of the best types of document management software is time savings. When you or your employees must manually move or send your business documents, time that could be spent on more important activities is wasted. Look for a document management system that offers workflow automation to automatically route your documents so you don't have to.

Stay Protected with Virtual Storage

When your important documents are stored in a physical location, such as computer discs, or even physical storage servers, there is always a chance of damage or loss which can be catastrophic to your business. Opt for cloud-based storage and not only will your documents be protected from harm, but your employees will enjoy the freedom to access your files from almost anywhere

Rigorous Security is a Must 

Chances are your business documents contain some form of highly sensitive information pertaining to your company, your employees, and your clients, patients or customers. When this confidential data is not properly secured, it can easily fall into the wrong hands. The best document management software features robust security rule-based control that enables you to grant access, editing or sharing permissions by individual.

Ease of Use is a Priority 

While fascinating features and advanced options are attractive, even the best document management software on the market must be easy to use in order to be fully effective. When employees are forced to painstakingly search through mazes of documents, they become frustrated, waste time, and will be reluctant to take advantage of the benefits of electronic data management. Search for a document management solution that utilizes metadata, date, document type and other search tools for maximum efficiency.

Seamless Integration is Key 

We are convinced that you wouldn't want to invest your time and money into a document management software only to discover that it is not compatible with your software, or even hardware that your business is currently using. Therefore, we highly recommend choosing a system that is easily integrated with things like Microsoft Office applications, SharePoint, and even your company's mobile devices.

For more information about choosing the best document management software solution for your business or to get a free quote, contact MES today.

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