Why You Need Secure Remote Access for Your Documents

Posted by Kristen Bowers on May 18, 2016 11:00:00 AM

47476668_s.jpgAs your business starts to take advantage of digital technology, you must start looking at new ways to improve how you use your digital documents. To this end, one of the best steps that you can take is to invest in a secure remote access system. Here are the reasons why:

Your business will operate more efficiently

A remote access system will allow your business to operate with an unprecedented level of efficiency by removing the hurdles that distance normally causes. This will grant benefits like the following:

You will be able to react and adapt faster

When you have secure remote access to your documents, you can get updates and make changes in real time. This means that your business will be more flexible to make sure that everything reflects your business’ current needs.

Documents won’t get stuck in the chain of command

It is frustrating when you need a document to move through the workflow process, but it is being held up because someone needs to approve access or changes. If that person isn’t available, then your document will be stuck where it is. With remote document access, these personnel can authorize actions for documents at anytime from anywhere, even if they are on vacation on the other side of the world.

Documents can be securely shared

When you are dealing with sensitive documents, sharing them can be difficult because you don’t want copies of your data to end up in the wrong hands. Because remote document access can act as a secure channel for access management, you will gain the following benefits:

You can grant and revoke document access instantaneously

When you need to give an outside party or someone with low-level permissions access to a document, you should still be in control. Secure remote access allows you to instantaneously grant – and revoke – access to documents.

Your document transmissions will be fully encrypted

When you share a document via email, it becomes susceptible to interception. With a secure remote document access system, the transmission of your data itself will be encrypted, so that data thieves can’t snatch it up at will.

Your documents will be protected from theft and destruction

Hackers are always lurking and disasters are unpredictable events. When you have a remote document access system, you are shielded from both hackers and disasters in the following ways:

Secure remote storage solutions focus on protecting data from disasters

Although using digital documents significantly increases your ability to protect your documents from accidental destruction, your facilities are still vulnerable. Even a small fire, flood or other disaster can permanently destroy your valuable data. When you set up a remote document access system, your documents will be stored at an off-site facility that is solely dedicated to the protection of digital data. This will include a secured facility with disaster-resistant features.

Your remote storage solution will have more powerful data security resources

A secure remote access system goes beyond what your firewalls and antivirus software does. It will encrypt your documents on multiple levels. This includes encryption of the storage system, any transmissions you make and the document itself. This means that even if a hacker managed to break through a level of security, they will only get scrambled data. The only way to unscramble it is to use authorized permissions, which only your company will have.

Make managing, protecting and sharing your documents safe and easy

With a remote access system, you will have full control over every aspect of your document management, and the peace of mind that every document is fully secured.

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