Why Ontario Regulatory Bodies Are Flocking to Scan Their Membership Files

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Dec 18, 2018 11:50:00 AM

Across Ontario, governmental and other regulatory bodies are looking at ways to make their working processes more efficient and to minimize the cost involved in maintaining vast amounts of data. Our experienced team has a comprehensive background in data management. In this new post, we'll explain why many of the leading regulatory bodies across the province are now choosing to scan their membership files and store them digitally.

Quickly Identify Missing Documentation

When all members have their information stored within one comprehensive network, the data can be managed more efficiently by staff. When a member is missing an essential piece of information, such as a driver's license number, the data can quickly be found online by searching the relevant record and then querying the data using a search form. Before the digitization of records, regulatory teams would often spend several hours reviewing hard copies of data. Now, their work can be completed in minutes.

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Reduce Office Space

With space becoming more expensive to rent and purchase across the country, many regulatory groups are now reviewing ways in which to consolidate their costs and remove the requirements for a large working space. Scanning membership files onto a digital network helps to streamline this consolidation process and eliminates the need for teams to maintain many large cabinets full of file folders. Space can be cut down to just a few working offices with computer desks that give teams quick access to data on short notice.

Improve Data Dissemination

Perhaps one of the most critical elements of working with regulatory organizations is ensuring that accurate data is delivered to key stakeholders promptly. That can be difficult to achieve with cumbersome traditional methods for document sharing. First having to find the requisite document and then hand-delivering it to the person at their office can take a significant amount of time. And if the person is working across the province in another office, the document might not arrive for several days. Regulatory teams require access to information quickly in order to make prudent decisions regarding their members. It's part of the reason many growing organizations are now scanning their member files and digitizing their records.

The process allows for member information to be shared securely with other stakeholders in the organization with just the click of a button. The decision-making process is streamlined, and members are not left waiting for important decisions to be made and issues to be resolved.

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Protect Against Data Loss

Data loss is a significant threat to growing organizations. The loss of data can mean that information must be recollected, often at a high cost. Digitizing member records helps regulatory bodies reduce their risk of data loss, as all data is stored in the cloud on a secure server separate from their main buildings.

To discover more about the process of digitizing member files and its many organizational benefits, contact us today for a free consultation.

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