Why Choose Cloud Based Document Management Systems?

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on May 1, 2015 9:35:00 AM

cloud based document management storage rocks!Once your company has started taking advantage of the benefits of modern technology by converting its paper documents to digital files, you will need a solution to manage it all. There are plenty of document management solutions out there, and the best among them are cloud based. Here is why you should choose cloud based document management systems over the alternative:


Cloud based document management systems give you unlimited access to your documents

You typically do not sit in front of your office computer 24/7. However, if you only have an on-site document management system, the only time that you can access your data is when you are in your office. Cloud based systems give you the flexibility to access your data from anywhere that you can access the internet. You can also use a myriad of devices to access your data, including your smartphone.


Cloud based document management is more secure

When left exposed, your data can be stolen or deleted by malicious hackers, or simply destroyed by disasters such as fires. Your company's sensitive data needs to be protected from all of this. It can be difficult to establish and maintain a secure, up-to-date digital security system, especially since new digital security flaws are regularly being uncovered. If your facilities catch fire or are exposed to flooding, then there is little that you can do to protect your digital storage systems. Cloud based document management provides two benefits that fully address both of these issues:

  • The best cloud based storage solutions include a comprehensive array of the latest, greatest digital protection capabilities, including high level encryption, firewalls and antivirus measures.
  • Cloud based storage means that your data is being stored at a highly secured facility, so when your facilities are exposed to disasters, your data is not.


Cloud based document management keeps you in control

What if you want to give a third party instant access to a specific file? Cloud based document management systems allow you to do make this happen within a few clicks, because they give you the option to manage permissions to grant or deny file access on a granular level.


Cloud based systems cost less

Despite its many benefits, cloud based document management systems are actually much less expensive than the alternative. Here’s why:

Lower upfront costs

Whether your data is physical or digital, investing in a reliable infrastructure to store it will cost thousands of dollars. Cloud storage has the unique feature of having little to no upfront cost, because someone else has already established the storage infrastructure for you.

Scalable storage capabilities

Cloud based document management allows you to decide how much storage you will use based on your current need. For example, if your company stores 20 terabytes of data, and decides to destroy half of it, you are not then stuck with 10 terabytes of very expensive storage space. A cloud based document management solution would allow you to down size your total storage usage as you add or destroy data, allowing you to better manage your costs.

No maintenance costs

You need to maintain your on-site storage solutions in order to guarantee the integrity of your data. When you opt to go with a cloud based document management system, a third party handles all of the maintenance work for you.


Leverage the power of the web to help you manage your digital documents

The benefits of cloud based document management systems are clear. Find a cloud based system that will work for you so that you can streamline your document management capabilities while minimizing the costs.


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