Why a Document Management System is Part of Modern Manufacturing Processes

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Mar 18, 2016 9:35:00 AM

why a document management system is part of modern manufacturing processesYou're a modern manufacturer. But what does this mean? Being modernized will require you to take many steps. For your industry, the most apparent steps to take include getting more advanced machinery and operation software. In order to become a truly modern manufacturer, though, you will need to look beyond your primary manufacturing tools.

You should be taking a look at the processes managing the activities of your manufacturing tools, and how you can improve them. To this end, you will need a document management system. This will be one of the most important things you do as a modern manufacturer. Here are the reasons why doing this is a must:

It provides consistent organization

The logistics of any manufacturing process require a great deal of organization. If a few steps are disorganized, then your entire manufacturing process will be slowed or even halted. 

A document management system ensures that your manufacturing processes are fully organized by managing multiple steps. In order to ensure optimal efficiency, your document management system will also analyze your process and provide pathways to improved efficiency.

Human error is eliminated

No matter how skilled a person is, they aren't perfect. Human errors will inevitably occur when a task is managed manually. A document management system, however, can complete a task an infinite amount of times without making a single error. This significantly reduces the likelihood of errors in manufacturing. This benefit is a huge reason why a document management system is a part of modern manufacturing processes.

It streamlines communications

Communication is key for ensuring that every step of your manufacturing process is executed properly. With dozens of possible communication channels – and no guarantee that someone will be connected to any of them – it can be difficult to communicate quickly enough to make adjustments, get approvals or receive confirmation.

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When you have a document management system, much of your communication will be handled through normal manufacturing processes. For example, when a task is completed, you can set up your document management system to immediately notify relevant personnel. You will also have a consistent communication channel that is directly connected to the task that your dialogue is related to.

It gives you more control over the manufacturing process

As you know, manufacturing requires the ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions. For example, if a client changes a timeline or increases an order, you should be able to accommodate this. However, if you don't have enough control over your manufacturing process, then adapting won't be easy – if it's possible at all.

A document management system will come with the tools that you need to make changes to your manufacturing processes when you need to. For example, you will receive live updates about the available production capacity for each machine, allowing you to effectively distribute new tasks without interfering with current processes.

It ensures better customer service

This is the ultimate manufacturing benefit of a document management system. When you have consistent organization, better communication and more control, you're able to serve your customers better than ever before.

For example, if a customer needs a rush order, you will be able to use your enhanced capabilities to adapt your entire manufacturing process to suit that need. By delivering great service like this, you're not just making sure that you close that one deal. You are also developing a reputation as a manufacturer that can deliver high-quality results quickly.

Are your manufacturing processes modern enough?

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