The Benefits of a Well Planned Office Filing System

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Apr 7, 2017 11:00:00 AM

21547384_s.jpgDoes your organization have a good filing system? Filing refers to keeping important documents safe and well-organized. As a result, sensitive data will be protected and documents required for the completion of everyday operations will be readily available.

Office filing systems come in both standard and digital formats. Whichever option you choose, its effectiveness is of paramount importance. Here are some of the main reasons why a good office filing system is an absolute essential for every single business.

Control over the Organization and the Expansion of the Database

A filing system can be organized in many ways, depending on the specific needs of the company and the volume of available documents. Document types, organizational method of preference (alphabetical, chronological, by department, etc.) will all play a role in having full control over the database.

When the right filing method is chosen, the organization will have full control over the documents and there will be sufficient room for the expansion of the database. A good structure allows the volume of data to grow without causing confusion, errors and difficulties in terms of maintaining order and accessing files effortlessly.

Regulatory Compliance

Convenience isn’t the only factor to consider when putting together an office filing system. Regulatory compliance is very important for organizations, regardless of their type or the industry that they operate in. There are strict document management rules when it comes to maintaining records and ensuring the safety of sensitive information.

A good office filing system ensures this regulatory compliance. Regular checks do take place and companies are required to provide access to certain document types. If a failure occurs during this check, the organization could suffer serious fines due to the lack of compliance.

Ensuring the Safety of Important Information 

Both digital and traditional office filing systems should ensure the safety of sensitive data. Important records can be protected in a number of ways. A locked cabinet is the simplest example. A digital filing system may feature encryption, password-protection and multiple levels of access allowing solely specific individuals to reach the most sensitive company data.

The right system maximizes the safety of crucial documents. This way, corporate secrets can be protected and an organization can also reduce the risk of litigation or potential penalties.

Protecting and Building Upon Company Knowledge

The records of an organization can play an incredibly important role in the future. A good office filing system is the tool required to preserve knowledge and crucial structural information.

Company decisions and structural changes can produce the best results when they’re based on facts and figures. A good office filing system preserves the important information and builds upon it through the years. In essence, it tracks the development of the organization, holds evidence of failure and success. The system allows members of the organization to build upon the knowledge that has already been accumulated through the years.

Reducing the Cost of Document Storage

The right office filing system reduces the cost of document filing and maintaining an extensive database. The document filing needs of every organization are highly specific. This is the main reason why a tailored, flexible solution should be sought to boost practicality and reduce the cost of management/document disposal.

Handling documents can be very expensive due to the human resource, storage space, safety features and software required. Many of these costs can be cut or minimized significantly through the selection of the right system. The loss and reproduction of records can also be quite costly and a good system can also be used to eliminate this risk. 

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