Streamlining the Hiring Process With Document Management

Posted by Robert Adshead on Oct 23, 2015 9:35:00 AM

Without your employees, your company simply cannot move forward. Occasionally, you will need new employees to fill voids and help your company grow. For this, you should be using document management to make the hiring and onboarding steps more efficient. Here is how doing so will help your hiring process:

Enhancing your candidate search

Finding that perfect candidate isn't easy. No matter how many people apply, many will be unqualified and others won't fit. Here is how document management can cut the fat out of your employee search:

Remove unqualified resumes more effectively

For every position, there are key skills and experiences that are required. If none of these are in someone's background, then reviewing their resume is simply a waste of time. Document management systems can streamline your hiring process by filtering out resumes that are missing these key qualifications before they ever pass by human eyes, saving you time and money.

Reduce mistakes that cause you to miss out on the best candidates

As HR sifts through resumes, they will grow tired of seeing countless emails, cover letters and resumes. As the process drags on, they become more and more likely to overlook the best candidates. While sifting through resumes, documents can get stuck together, damaged or lost, causing candidates to be missed all together. These are just a couple of examples of how human mistakes can hinder your ability to find great talent for your company.

A document management system, however, organizes candidate data in a way that allows HR to efficiently review each resume – without pages getting stuck together. Simply index digital copies of resumes so you can search through them quickly based on the keywords and qualifications you are looking for.

Improving the employee onboarding process

Once that perfect candidate has accepted your offer, it's time to start the onboarding process. This part of the hiring process is just as important as your candidate search, because it determines how well your employee will be integrated into the company. In fact, a strong onboarding process can increase your employee retention rate by 50%. Document management will improve your onboarding process in the following ways:

Enhance communication between departments

When a new employee is first brought into your company, the transition can be rocky. Your HR team and the new hire have to work together to ensure that all of the technical details of the onboarding process are taken care of. This back and forth interferes with your new employee's ability to do the job that they were hired to do in the first place. In some cases, this will cause confusion and even create a poor relationship between different members of your organization.

With a document management system, you can automate many of the manual onboarding actions, form completions and distribution of essential employee information that can cause these problems.

Reduce errors during the onboarding process

A misspelled name, incorrectly copied banking information or other error will significantly hamper your onboarding process. For example, an incorrectly copied bank account number interferes with your new employee's ability to get paid. Events like these are often disastrous for employee retention.

By reducing redundancies and at the same time double checking data based on the information your new employee provides, a document management system will prevent onboarding errors like the ones above.

Better oversight of employee training

How well is the new employee prepared to take on a certain task based on their training? Is the new employee finished with their certification training so that they can officially begin their duties? Without a document management system, you simply have to wait for someone else's correspondence to get answers to these questions.

A document management system allows you to access details about an employee's training immediately with the click of a button.

Use the tools available to you to optimize your hiring process

Document management systems are essential to an effective hiring process. Invest in yours today.

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