Improving the Customer Service Experience With Records Management

Posted by Scott Kimura on Jun 26, 2015 9:35:00 AM

Improving Customer Service Experience with Records ManagementThe most valuable asset that your company owns is its brand, because this determines whether or not people will believe in your organization's capabilities and product value to buy what you are selling – regardless of how good your products and services are. A key factor in developing your brand is your customers' personal experience with your company. There are many ways to improve the customer service experience (personnel training, faster service, etc.). However, one way to improve customer service that you may not have considered is with better records management.


How improved records management can enhance customer service 

You can respond to customer inquiries more quickly

One of the greatest detractors to a customer service experience is having to wait. The longer that a customer has to wait for a response to an inquiry, the worse the customer service experience will be. When your records are in order, you can quickly access the information relevant to a customer's inquiry so that you can give a faster, more accurate reply.

You can access relevant customer information faster

The more that a member of your sales or customer service team knows about a customer, the better they can help them. An efficient records management system allows your team members to quickly access individual customer information so the best customer service approach can be determined.

You can fully customize your inbound email marketing campaign

With a 4,300% marketing ROI, email represents an enormous opportunity for attracting new customers. It can also be used to enhance customer service for current customers – but this can only happen if you have an effective records management system. This is because a strong records management system will allow you to use relevant customer data to continue a positive customer service experience long after the initial sale has ended.

You will minimize the cost of customer service

In addition to helping you boost your brand through better customer service, improved records management can also reduce your customer service costs. This is due to the significantly enhanced efficiency of all related activities.


How to effectively improve your records management to improve the customer service experience

In order to take advantage of the benefits discussed above, you will have to develop a highly functional records management process.

Only use digital records

Digital records allow you to create document uniformity, access your documents more easily and more effectively organize everything. Even if all of your current records are physical, you can easily convert them to digital documents by using the services of a professional document conversion company, which will complete the process in a secure, efficient and complete manner. Future documents can be converted via a scanner.

Invest in a document management system

Although simply having all of your records converted to digital files will go a long way towards improving your records management capabilities, this is only the first step. The next thing that you must do is have your digital records organized by a document management system. This will allow you to gain the following benefits:

  •          Access your records from anywhere
  •          Organize all of your records
  •          Make all of your records searchable
  •          Reduce record redundancy
  •          Minimize the likelihood of accidental records destruction


Boost your ability to service your customers with better records management

The health of your company demands that you find the best possible ways to take care of your customers. Solid records management will go a long way towards allowing you to do this, so make sure that you take the necessary steps to make this happen.


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