How to Choose Document Management Software

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As the number of files your business creates starts to add up, the need for document management software becomes apparent. There are many document management software options out there. There are many capabilities that fall into the document management category. This means that each piece of software will have a unique set of capabilities and features. As such, it isn't immediately clear which one is right for you to use. Fortunately, you can make choosing the best document management solution for your organization's needs easy. You just have to know what you need. To this end, we are going to list the most important document management features that every business should have, and explain why you need them.

Corporate-level security

As a company, simple password protection is not enough. Your data is a valuable asset, and data thieves are lurking. You can prevent data theft with the right digital security; your document management software should actively contribute to the protection of your assets. Therefore, your management software must encrypt your documents. Encryption scrambles data so that it is unreadable to anyone who isn't authorized for access. Your software should do this both when it is storing your documents and while it transmits them. 

Cloud capabilities

One of the key benefits of digital technology is enhanced efficiency. In order for your business to grow, you must take advantage of every ounce of this benefit's potential. One of the best ways to do this is to start using cloud-based document management capabilities. This allows you to share, manage and even control access to all of your documents from anywhere in the world.

For this, a cloud-based file sharing system like DropBox isn't good enough. While it works for personal file sharing, the security and management capabilities simply aren't strong enough for a company's needs. To make this work, you will need your document management software to provide you with enterprise-level cloud capabilities.

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Mobile device compatibility

Nearly two-thirds of adult cell phone users rely on their cell phones for internet access. This is because mobile networks – and the devices that use them – are more reliable than ever as web browsing tools. Your company needs to be taking advantage of this right now. If your employees can securely access and manage documents from their mobile devices, then they immediately become more effective.

What's more, since 90% of adults own a cell phone and 42% own a tablet, you can create a “bring your own device” (BYOD) program. This could significantly cut costs, since you wouldn't have to invest in any expensive technology. In order to make this happen, you will need document management software that includes mobile compatibility in the form of a dedicated app.

Workflow automation capabilities

One of the most difficult parts of having documents in any form is managing them. That's why you're buying document management software in the first place. Your document management software shouldn't just show you a way to organize your documents. Even with a clear method, manual document management is still time consuming. The software should organize everything for you. Workflow automation will save your company hundreds and hundreds of man hours.

Now you're prepared to choose the right software for your company

If your document management software doesn't possess the capabilities listed above, then you should cross it off of your list. That's because each feature is key for your company's ability to adapt to the digital era and maintain a high level of overall efficiency. Without document management software that possesses these features, your company could soon be lagging behind.

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