How Can We Get Several Thousand Documents Scanned?

Posted by Andrew D'Arcy on Jun 27, 2019 8:05:00 AM

Midsection of businesswoman with binders at officeIn the current business environment, companies are using paper documents throughout the day. They’re creating working contracts with clients. They’re designing new products and printing design sheets. They’re sending out invoices. Each of these processes can create thousands of documents over time. In managing this large number of documents, it’s important that you use a digital system that can scan the data and then store it within a versatile document management system. But to enter the documents into your system, you must first have several thousands of documents scanned.

In this post, we’ll explore the process of finding qualified document scanning companies for bulk scanning work

Experience is Essential

During the scanning process, the company will be responsible for the protection of the data within the documents. So, it’s important that the scanning company has decades of experience in the scanning field. This experience will mean they’re able to mitigate potential security threats when you have several thousand documents scanned.

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For example, they can harness their experience to manage the scanning process so that each document is protected while in use. They can also use their experience to minimize the amount of time scanning takes, thereby limiting the opportunity for data loss.

Discuss Staff Qualifications

Before selecting the document scanning company, makes sure you discuss the qualification levels of their staff members. Can they prove their staff has been trained to complete the scanning work? Another consideration is the background checks each person has to go through before getting a position at the company. Is the company able to prove that their team has been through all the required background and criminal checks? That can be important in keeping your data safe and streamlining the scanning process.

Review the Timeline for the Scanning Work

Often, the goal of the scanning process is to be able to utilize the data from the documents within a versatile document management system via the cloud. When speaking with potential scanning services providers, ensure you find out how much time the scanning process is expected to take.

The provider should have a clear indication of the timeline and provide you with a deadline for the complete service. You should also ensure that the scanning company provides you with updates throughout the process so that you can tell your team when the data will be available for in-house use.

Consider the Company’s Facility

Many companies will also prefer to complete the scanning work from their own facility, and so you should have a clear idea about the type of facility the company operates and whether the facility’s security meets your strict requirements. Ask the company about the security protocols in place within the facility and which of their team members will have access to the documents during the scanning work.

Discuss the Type of Files Scanning

Often, the type of files scanned is a leading consideration during the scanning process. For example, if the files being scanned are related to customers and their private details, you may prefer the files to be scanned on your site. Make sure the company is open to specific scanning locations for sensitive materials. That will help you achieve maximum file security working with the scanning services provider.

Ask About the Post-Scanning Process

What happens to the documents once they’ve been scanned? Ensure that you know exactly how secure your documents are when they’re in the hands of the scanning team. You might also consider a number of other security measures for protecting sensitive data.

For example, you may consider asking the scanning company to shred each of the documents for you so that you’re better able to protect your data after the scanning process has been completed. Ensure there’s a clear chain of ownership for each document, from the moment you give the document to the scanning company to the moment the document is either returned to you or destroyed.

Make a Clear Plan for the Future

How many documents will be scanned in the long term, and how will your company communicate with the scanning company to ensure a streamlined work process? Ensure that you set up a scheduled call with the scanning provider in the future so that you can continue to work with the company effectively. Find out how much you will be paying for this service and then set up recurring scanning work so that the process can be optimized over the coming months.

Our team at MES is here to help guide you in managing your document scanning requirements. To save money on bulk document scanning, call now.

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