Encouraging Employee Adoption of Document Management Systems

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Oct 14, 2015 9:35:00 AM

encouraging employee adoption of document management systems

Document management systems are outstanding resources for improving your data security, saving money and enhancing productivity. Because of this, you have probably already decided to invest in a document management system for your company. However, implementing your new document management system isn't as easy as setting it up and telling your employees that it's ready to use. If everyone isn't on board with the adoption of a document management system, then your company's productivity could be reduced. You need to be proactive about getting your employees to adopt this new technology. Here are our tips on how to do so:

Use numbers, not proclamations

When people have been doing things a certain way for a while, they get used to it. This comfort causes them to be resistant to change; a new document management system can be a big change for some people. So instead of introducing your new document management system by telling them that it is a "great addition to the company," explain that it will "speed up customer transactions by 50 percent." Facts like these make the value of new document management systems much clearer for your employees and will energize them to want to use it.

Implement your new document management system's automation tools immediately

By reducing the number of steps that a person has to take for each task, you are making their job easier. The automated solutions that came with your new document management system do just that. To enhance adoption, you should get these automation capabilities online ASAP and highlight them to your team as you roll out the new system.

Train your employees on how to use the new document management system

New technology of any kind can be scary and confusing for a person. If a person does not know how to use a document management system, their productivity could suffer as a result. This will do a significant amount of damage to your overall adoption rate of the system.

With proper training, your company's employees can confidently dive right into the use of a new document management system. Because of this, they will want to use it as a primary resource for their routine tasks.

Implement a support system

No matter how great your training is, people will inevitably forget things and run into hurdles when trying to use a new system. Appointing one or more of your team members as points of contact to continuously support your employees' use of the new document management system will allow people to get past any issues they have with ease.

These points of contact can also serve as channels for feedback from each department about the document management system.

Make using the new document management system a requirement

As we mentioned earlier, people dislike change. All of the steps above should be taken in order to make the adoption of your new document management system a transition, rather than an abrupt change. However, because people naturally resist change, there will be those who continue to use the old document management system no matter what. That is why the final step in the document management system adoption process should always be a mandate. This should include a total removal of the tools that are used for the old document management system.

You must be proactive about the adoption of a new document management system

When you add something that means that there will be change, people are inclined to ignore it – if not outright avoid it. By properly planning out your document management system adoption, you ensure that its use is widespread and impactful.


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