Educational Records Management Solutions For Montessori Schools

Posted by Robert Adshead on Feb 15, 2017 11:00:00 AM

43914299_s.jpgThe educational records management solutions that are necessary to run a Montessori school at its best are very similar to those of for-profit businesses and government entities. Educational records require careful attention to detail, as well as secure accessibility in order for the school to function properly.

Physical Document Handling

Physical documents can easily overwhelm even the best administrative staff. When you search for educational records management solutions, it can become easy to think in terms of physical documents first. While these documents may be how many students turn in their work and how information has traditionally been stored, physical storage may not be the best available method. Scanning physical documents may be the best way to ensure effective information access.

Attempting to scan, categorize and organize massive amounts of files can be too challenging for your employees, who already have a full load of work to do. Often, outsourcing the physical document handling process is the best way to ensure your documents are treated properly and can be easily accessed at a later time by the right people. In a physical form, accessing data regardless of its importance can be challenging.

The Importance of Information in CAS and FACS Organizations

Offsite Data Storage

Data storage is an important but often overlooked aspect of educational records management solutions, as many administrators assume that a school will be highly secure. While there may not be a large likelihood of theft, data that concerns children is sensitive enough that it should be safeguarded as strenuously as possible. Further, theft is not the only possible form of data loss. Natural disasters, building issues such as water pipe leaks and even the off chance of fire or accidental mishandling or disposal by staff can make data recovery and access to information next to impossible. Storing data in a secure offsite facility can allow for access when it is needed, coupled with a top level of security.

Open Ended Solutions

Data in any kind of educational records management solutions must be more than simply secure in order to function properly. All data must be accessible and available for editing for everyone who should be able to edit it. When a student's contact details change, his or her parents should be able to edit this data immediately to ensure the school is made aware. When grades are released, they should be accessible to parents and students immediately. The ability to edit where necessary and read at all times is a technological edge that educational records management solutions bring about easily, when they are handled correctly.

Work Accessibility

Educational records also extend into short-term records, such as options for at-home work as well as work performed in the classroom. The ability to access the teacher's guidance and suggestions from anywhere can benefit the student by showing them that learning does not need to occur solely within the classroom. Being able to access work and teacher suggestions is a further way that Montessori schools can benefit from educational records management solutions. With these solutions in place, students have greater ability to learn in the Montessori tradition of an organic, individualized curriculum they build for themselves.

Controlled Accessibility

Access to information of any kind needs to walk a line between absolute openness and respect for others' privacy. At no time should a student's information be shared with people who do not have a need to know it, and what happens in the classroom should largely stay in the classroom. With effectively build educational records management solutions, records stay accessible enough that students, parents and teachers can access and edit them as needed, but prying eyes are kept away.


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