5 Common Questions About Document Scanning

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Dec 10, 2013 4:25:00 AM


Access information when, where and how you need it with document scanningAccess information when, where and how you need it with document scanning

Why should we consider scanning our files?
There are several reasons businesses consider scanning their files; including:

  • Space; paper filing systems take up a considerable amount of office space, space that could be better used by productive employees.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning; no one likes to think about the worst case scenarios, but those who do are the ones who end up on top. Imagine a fire or flood happened in your office and you lost all your paper files tomorrow. What would that mean for your business? Scanned documents can easily be backed up and recovered from multiple locations with speed and ease.

  • Productivity; employees spend about 40% of their time looking for information they need to make decisions. Searching through paper files is, to say the least, time consuming and unproductive. With document scanning your staff can find the information they need in a matter of seconds.

Are scanned/digital documents legal?
Scanned documents are widely accepted throughout the legal system. However, we are not lawyers and we cannot give you legal advice. The only person who can truly answer this question for you is your legal counsel. The video below will give you some additional guidance on the matter.



Why should we outsource our document scanning as opposed to doing it internally?
Document scanning in high volumes is an extremely laborious process. To be done properly you need people, lots of people! Aside from staff, you'll also need high volume scanners to capture the documents, software systems for indexing and controls in place to QC the scanned documents to make sure everything meets the quality standards set forth by the organization. To achieve efficient throughput the capital required for the technology alone can easily exceed $50,000 not including the hiring, training and management of staff. Companies who offer document scanning as a service have these elements in place and operate similar to a manufacturing assembly line, ensuring your work is done quickly and accurately; allowing you to focus on your core business.

If we outsource our document scanning, what should we look for from a security perspective?
If you decide to outsource your document scanning you should perform your due diligence early on in the process. You need to evaluate the vendor’s security and process to ensure it aligns with your expectations. A few examples of things to look for include:

  • Physical Security: Is the building physically secure or can people simply walk into production/paper handling areas? Are there cameras, window bars, secured doors and security escorts onsite?

  • Employee Security: Have all employees undergone a criminal background check? Have they received customized training on the security and protection of sensitive/private information?

  • Government Clearance: Look for companies with specialized government security clearances, such as Controlled Goods Program (http://goo.gl/yaTW2s). These designations are not easy to obtain and it helps to identify companies who meet strict government security protocols.

  • Most Importantly: Do you feel comfortable with them? Is everything handled by their staff or are parts of your project outsourced to third parties?

How much will it cost to outsource our document scanning?
Now that’s a tricky one. While the heart of the document scanning process doesn’t change much the output requirements of the client certainly can. Elements such as document preparation, number of index fields, frequency of pick-up’s, etc. all play into the final price. Your best bet is to reach out to a local document scanning company to discuss your project goals and objectives. Have them develop a customized quote for your project and make sure if covers all the variables.

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