The End Of An Era - The Discontinuation Of Canon Microfilm Toner

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Sep 9, 2013 7:40:54 AM

Well it's finally happened. Canon Canada, the long-time microfilm industry leader, has announced the discontinuation of their microfilm toner cartridges and so ends a significant era in microfilm history.

Last week, Canon dealers received word that the toner cartridges for the following machines would no longer be available:

  • Microprinter 90/60
  • NP880/980

I can imagine what most readers are thinking... People still use microfilm?

But if you're one of the many companies still use microfilm reader printers to access legacy information and this recent announcement may leave you searching for an alternative.

Option 1 - Hardware Replacement
One option is to replace your existing hardware with newer, digital, technology. The UScan microfilm scanner is a terrific replacement to your reader printer. You can save images directly to your PC and instantly share or print the pages you need. With the optional RapidScan feature you can also digitalize an entire roll of film – hands free. You can learn more about the UScan by clicking here

Option 2 - Fast & Secure Microfilm Scanning
Digital imaging is more widely adopted now than ever before. Scanning microfilm and converting the images to searchable records is a process that is becoming widely accepted by companies across Canada. Our production department has the capacity and experience to scan millions of images a month from microfilm or microfiche so you’ll never need to look at a microfilm reader again. Find out more about our microfilm scanning services by clicking here

Option 3 - On-Demand Scanning & Printing
If new equipment or a scanning project isn’t in the budget we offer “On-Demand Scanning & Printing” as a service. Simply send us the film or fiche you need scanned or printed and we can turn it around in a flash. Alternatively you could also store your microfilm in our secure, climate controlled facility to reduce shipping costs and improve turnaround time.

While it's unfortunate to see the toner these machines disappear the change can certainly open new opportunities for your office to be more efficient, cost effective and productive.

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