What to Look for in a Microfilm Scanner

Posted by MESHDS on Jul 23, 2013 4:00:34 PM

Microfilm scannerIf your business needs a microfilm scanner, you have many choices available. But it’s important to pick the scanner that best meets your needs, while also providing the best value for your money. Since trying to figure out exactly which machine is right for you may be confusing, here are some things to look for:

Compatibility: You don’t want to have to buy several different machines, but you also don’t want to run into compatibility issues. Look for a machine that can read and save files from different types of formats: microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards, among others.

Versatility: A scanner that can multitask is not only convenient, but also budget-friendly because you don’t need to buy several other machines. Look for an all-in-one unit that can read, scan, print and perform other functions.

Simplicity: Your day is busy enough—you don’t want to have to try and figure out how to work a complicated machine. Pick a scanner that’s easy to use right out of the box, with no steep learning curve.

At MES, our staff has expertise in microfilm equipment. Need help picking out the best scanner for you? Contact us and we can help.

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