Document Management Helps Zive Financial Improve Customer Service, Save Money & Reduce Space

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Apr 2, 2013 9:37:09 AM

The Client

Zive Financial Inc. (ZFI), based in Toronto Ontario, is a recognized leader in insurance advisory, business succession and estate planning for high net-worth clients and medium-to-large-sized privately owned businesses.

The Problem

ZFI was in the process of relocating offices and were seeking a solution to scan and manage their 45,000 member files as opposed to transporting the files and cabinets to their new location. ZFI also wanted to be able to access files in a more efficient manner than paper files allowed. Their member files, both active and inactive, contained client correspondence, insurance quotes, claim forms and statements. The existing paper-based filing process was labour intensive and created challenges when wanting to respond to client requests in a timely fashion. Additionally, they wanted to maintain an upscale and contemporary environment in their new office.

The Solution

MES Hybrid Document Systems (MES) worked with ZFI to develop a document imaging and management solution which would align with the companies core objectives. The system not only had to provide an easy means for scanning, storing and retrieving information, but it also had to integrate with existing business systems and fit within their budget. Ultimately, they selected the back file scanning services of MES combined with FileBound Express. FileBound Express is a hardware based document management system that simply attached to ZFI’s existing network to provide an instant document management solution. To create a complete solution, ZFI needed to scan all of its historical member files into the FileBound system. However, the thought of indexing 45,000 member files was overwhelming to say the least. That’s where the back file scanning services of MES came in. ZFI concluded the outsourced back file scanning would be a quick and efficient solution to their problem. MES handled every aspect of the file conversion of paper to digital inclusive of pick-up, preparation, scanning, indexing and integration into FileBound Express. With the implementation of Canon desktop scanners, ZFI is now able to easily scan day-forward documentation into the system in order to maintain their paperless office solution.

The Results

Ease and speed of accessing documents has been greatly enhanced and the ability to comb through historical client information previously kept in filing cabinets is now completed in seconds without leaving the desk. All the data and images are backed up daily to their network ensuring the safekeeping and continued availability of valuable client information. The utilization of the scanning services from MES and the FileBound Express solution has saved ZFI time, money and valuable office space.

For more information on the document scanning services or the FileBound Express document management system please contact us today!

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