Student Records Management: Save Time and Space

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Feb 6, 2013 10:15:35 AM

If you work in a school office, chances are you are more than familiar with the hundreds of thousands of files containing student records, transcripts and other documents that are taking up space. Student records that by law you are obligated to keep for years and years. Did you ever think that there's probably nothing you can do about it? Wrong! There's a solution. An affordable one.

warehouse full of paper Free up all of this space with a document management system for all of your student records!

Implementing a document management system can make maintaining student records easy, effective, and will allow you to reclaim office space, time and streamline your processes.

Student records that once would take hours, sometimes even days to locate, will now be found in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Also important: these records will be securely protected from fire, natural disasters, or other means of destruction for years to come.

Didn't think it could be done? It can. Find out how to efficiently and effectively manage your student records and how we can help you do it. Contact us for a free demonstration and more info!

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