Departmental Scanners in Ontario: What You Need to Know about Features - Part 1

Posted by admin on Jun 6, 2012 9:12:28 PM

When searching for departmental scanners in Ontario, it’s important to know what features you need and those you can do without. Rather than focus on features you’re familiar with, like speed and resolution, instead think about your work processes and how scanning can make your job more efficient.

Too often, buyers compare the familiar features of standard printers and multi-function printers to scanners. But the most important capabilities of departmental scanners in Ontario may not be the fastest speeds and the highest resolutions. When you focus only on these features, you can miss the other benefits a scanner can provide.

Evaluate Your Workflows

If you need to get a document to a worker in a remote location, how do you handle that task? Do you search for documents in physical filing cabinets, make a photocopy, then fax it to the recipient? If so, you’re a prime candidate for departmental scanners in Ontario.

When you scan a document, you can integrate it into your electronic systems. When stored digitally, workers can easily retrieve needed documents when the need them and regardless of location. Document sharing increases efficiencies and lowers the costs associated with paper processes.

Carefully analyzing how you perform document-related processes can help pinpoint appropriate scanning uses. Then you can match the key features for departmental scanners in Ontario to your requirements.

In part two in this series, we will continue to discuss the details of document scanners. Contact MES Hybrid today for more info on how document scanning can benefit your organization.

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