Two Minutes for Interference

Posted by Robert Adshead on Feb 15, 2012 4:59:38 AM

At HDS we understand that documents contain information needed in day to day business life. HDS will take whatever steps necessary to reduce our interference in your day to day operations. Some of these steps include;

On-Site Document Scanning: In situations where documents are viewed frequently or are unable to leave the premises HDS will transport document scanners to your site. This means HDS staff will set up equipment, prep, scan, and QC without your documents ever leaving the property.

Retrieval Requests: If your documents are being scanned at HDS we will provide you with any requested documents within 4 business hours of the request being made. This includes locating and scanning/faxing the document to the client.

HDS understands that scanning projects can interfere with daily activities. To reduce disturbances HDS will do whatever it takes to ensure that your business operations aren’t interrupted while joining the digital era.

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