Take The Pain Out Of Data Entry

Posted by Robert Adshead on Feb 2, 2012 9:41:50 AM

As much as technology and automation can make our lives easier, sometimes we cannot avoid the need for a human being. No matter how many advancements can assist us in our jobs we still need to oversee and guide the technology in the right direction. ECM and Document Management systems can do a lot to help us but not everything.

Classifying, sorting, tagging and indexing documents can sometimes need that human touch but, as with most technology, there is still a better way. Our FileDirector ECM solution incorporates a number of features which are often underappreciated when considering the need for manual data entry and indexing. Some examples include:

Area Indexing: A simple, yet effective, automatic way to zoom into a document so that an area can be read by the operator and then manually enter text into a specific field. The main benefit of this is the ability to move around the zoomed-in areas of the page. This means that if you are indexing various areas of the document, say the invoice number at the top, and the total at the bottom, for example, it will move the page around the screen and follow making indexing much easier.

Keywords: Easily defined and predetermined values which can be selected by a simple click, perfect if you have a set list of values which are commonly indexed. This can be simplified even further with “shortcuts” where acronyms can be used to fill complete values. An example could be to type “FD” to automatically fill a field with the word “FileDirector”.

There are several other small features which can help further. This month in our series of popular educational webinars we look at the technology which can assist manual indexing processes and make them nearly as efficient as those that are automated. Join us on Wednesday February 22nd, 2012 at 3pm (Eastern Time) to discover more about manual indexing efficiency. Register Here

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