These Times They Are A Changing

Posted by Robert Adshead on Dec 15, 2011 6:15:59 AM

Having been evolved in the document management industry for more than 40 years, MES Hybrid Document Systems has witnessed technology change the industry. From microfilm to software MES Hybrid Document Systems will ensure that your records are preserved. New technology is helping to create paperless work spaces. As part of an office initiative or even to save space, here are some of the different types of documents scanning MES Hybrid Document Systems provides;

High speed document scanners- Our Fujitsu and Canon brand scanners make digitizing your documents easy. With the capability to image more than one million documents monthly, our production department can help your business catch-up and go digital without wasting time and resources.

Wide format scanners- Our wide format scanners are capable of imaging documents up to 42’’. This process is especially popular amongst those businesses that work with engineering sized drawings. Drawings may then be placed on a shared server where they are not susceptible to damage by time or conditions.

Microfilm scanning- Using the latest Mekel and Wicks & Wilson technology, MES Hybrid Document Systems is able to convert your microfilm to digital images. Images can then be deployed across a shared server for communal access. By scanning your film you save time while eliminate preservations costs.

MES Hybrid Document Systems understands that no two customers are the same. For this reason we are able to tailor are services to meet and exceed your objectives. Call MES Hybrid Document Systems or check out our website to find the solution that will help to save your business time and money. Remember, Peace of Mind, Not Pieces of Paper.

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