Three Steps To Document Scanning Success

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Nov 30, 2011 8:25:26 AM

With 40 years of experience, MES Hybrid Document Systems provides organizations large and small with solutions to manage their documents, efficiently and automate daily processes by going paperless. These initiatives help to improve customer service as well as assist with disaster recovery and corporate compliance programs. In short, we provide Peace Of Mind, Not Pieces Of Paper.

The success of our document scanning solutions is directly correlated to our document scanning pre and post sales processes. Our Three Steps To Document Scanning Success addresses your specific project requirements, ensures the deliverables meet your expectations, provides enhanced security and uncovers cost saving initiatives.

Today we are going to walk you through the Three Steps To Document Scanning Success and highlight the importance of Project Planning, developing a set of Conversion Requirements and Integration into your existing business systems.

Step 1 - Project Planning
We start off by taking the time to truly understand your business challenges and goals. We examine the tangible and intangible impact your current paper filing system is having and we aim to develop and deliver a value based solution to your specific document scanning needs. This step is comprised of 3 parts:

Initial Consultation

  • Identify Business Challenge & Impact
  • Identify Project Objectives/Out-comes
  • Identify The Best Methodology; Offsite, Onsite, Box Storage

Document Survey

  • Determine Volumes
  • Identify Indexing Requirements
  • Identify Costs Savings Opportunities
  • Assess Current Handling Costs
  • Sample Documents Taken For Conversion

Solution Presentation

  • Value Based Solution
  • Business Case Driven
  • Tailored To Your Specific Application
  • Sample Images Submitted For Approval

Step 2 – The Conversion Requirements & Process
Security and process are the hallmarks of our document scanning services. Our production staff has an average tenure of 7 years with the company ensuring our strict quality assurance standards are met. Additionally, all employees undergo criminal background checks and enhanced reliability screenings prior to employment as part of our Controlled Goods Certification Program.

Transportation & Handling

  • Performed By HDS Staff
  • Point To Point Delivery
  • No Charge Retrievals
  • Unique Location In Our Secure Cage
  • Boxes Tracked Through The Process

Document Preparation

  • Staples, Paperclips, Bindings Removed
  • Small Sheets Affixed To Large Sheets
  • Barcode Separator Sheets
  • Damaged Documents Are Mended
  • Paper Based Quality Assurance

Document Capture

  • Scanned At Speeds Of 120 PPM
  • Advanced Image Cleanup Software
  • Colour, Greyscale or Black & White
  • First Stage Image Quality Assurance
  • Automatic Blank Page Detection


  • Automated Capture (Barcodes, OCR, Full Text)
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Database Match & Merge
  • Second Stage Image Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

  • 100% Image Inspection
  • Surveying For Overall Quality & Clarity
  • Separate Operator From Capture & Indexing Operator

Step 3 – Working The Way You Do
The third and most important step is matching the deliverable product to your specific business needs. A document scanning project is only as successful as the integration into your existing business environment. We take the time to work with you to determine your retrieval needs post-scanning and our 40 years of experience provides us with the ability to return your images in almost any standard format, on virtually any media and integrate with most existing business systems.

Image Formats

  • PDF
  • PDF/A
  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • MS Word/Excel

Return Media

  • External Hard Drive
  • CD/DVD
  • Secure FTP
  • USB Memory Sticks


  • FileDirector
  • No Cost Retrieval Software
  • Window’s Filing Structures
  • XML, Naming Schemes, CSV, Database
  • Most Commercially Available DMS’s

Remember, a document scanning project should never be determined by a single phone call and a verbal commitment on price, that’s the quickest way to introduce “scope creep”, incompatible deliverables and hidden costs to your document scanning project.

Learn more about our document scanning solutions, evaluate your paper handling costs or contact us today.

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