FileDirector in Ontario: Using FileDirector to Manage Business Processes (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Nov 28, 2011 3:42:24 AM

FileDirector in Ontario is a document management system that provides many benefits that enhance a company’s competitive positioning. With FileDirector, businesses can cut the time it takes to manage and access company information. The application captures information within company documents and centralizes it electronically. Through intelligent indexing, documents and information can be securely accessed in a snap over the company intranet or the Internet.

Regardless of business size, FileDirector can scale to your document requirements. By running online, FileDirector provides immediate and easy access from any Internet connection. All employees can use the application through a sent link. This flexibility provides many advantages for the telecommuting or traveling employee.

FileDirector in Ontario Provides an All-in-One Solution

FileDirector will capture, store and retrieve documents, so users don’t need to switch between applications to perform different functions. In fact, users can send documents to the application directly from a number of sources, including a multifunction printer or photocopy machine.

In addition, FileDirector in Ontario makes it easy to index files for easy retrieval. The software reads document information during the scanning process and fills in index fields automatically. With extensive indexing capabilities, documents can be searched for based on various content parameters.

By storing all electronic documents in FileDirector in Ontario, you can simplify all document related tasks. You just send documents to the application from Microsoft Office programs, for example, and they’re indexed automatically.

Then, finding these documents is a snap. Users can find documents by their entire content with “full-text-search” capability. Or, they can input a number of parameters, like date and author, and get a list of documents from which to select. Just clicking on the desired document displays it in a window instantaneously. Even if you don’t have the original application the file was created in, FileDirector in Ontario supports more than 200 different file formats.

Editing a document in FileDirector is just as easy as retrieving it. Once you “check-out” a document, nobody else can work on it at the same time. When you’re finished with your edits, the document is designated as a “revision” so every change is tracked. Inserting, deleting or changing pages can be easily accomplished with FileDirector in Ontario.

In part two we will look at FileDirector's useful features for document management. For more information about document management, feel free to contact us!

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