3 Tips To Ensure Your Images Are Scanned

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Mar 9, 2011 7:46:18 PM

1. Manual verification. This is the most labour intensive option but in certain highly sensitive cases it’s the only option. This involves doing a one-to-one comparison of the images and paper files to verify everything has been captured. I typically don’t recommend this option as your first choice due to the high labour involvement.

2. Count Only Mode. Some scanners come equipped with “Count Only” functionality which allows you to run the documents through a second time without actually capturing the image a second time. It will record how many pieces of paper have been fed through the scanner and that can be compared to your image count. The problem with this option is if a document double fed twice you will appear to have the correct image count. Also if you’re using blank page drop out functionality this method won’t work as it counts pages not images.

3. Post-Imprinter. This is by far the most cost effective and recommended method. A small imprinter can be added to most departmental or production scanners which will print a small string of text (for instance “SCANNED”) on the backside of the document as it exits the scanner. This allows you to quickly flip through the pages after scanning and in the event a page was missed it will be missing the SCANNED text on the backside of the document. On most scanners you have the option of either a pre or post imprinter. I typically recommend the post imprinter so the SCANNED text doesn’t show up on the digital image, which can cause unnecessary blank pages to be kept instead of dropped out.

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