7 Things About Records Management Legislation Your Boss Wants to Know

Posted by Kevin D'Arcy on Feb 13, 2015 9:30:00 AM


Records management legislation is a critical factor to consider when determining what records management best practices your company should engage in. Managing your records the right way will require a team effort from your entire company, so everyone will need to know how to handle your records according to the law. That being said, your boss will want to know some very specific things about current records management legislation so that they can implement the right internal best practices. Here is what he or she needs to know:


1. Any recent changes in records management legislation

In some cases, a seismic shift in legislation regarding records management can require your company to do a complete overhaul of its records management practices. While this can interrupt your company's daily routine, it wouldn't cause you to scramble, because the government always gives organizations ample time to adjust to new legislation, especially any laws that will require an organization to make a lot of changes.

Such requirements for change, however, do usually come with deadlines, and missing them can make things very difficult for your company. As such, your boss is going to want to know about all changes to legislations related to records management as soon as they are signed into law.


2. How managing your records the wrong way could cost your business

Ignoring the law comes with consequences. For a company, these consequences normally result in a significant financial loss for your company, in addition to potential legal issues for leaders therein (i.e. your boss). Understanding the potential ramifications of not properly following relevant legislation will allow your boss to effectively prioritize any changes in records management that need to be made to adjust.


3. What your company is doing wrong for your records management efforts

In order to adjust to current legislation, your boss needs to know what your company is doing wrong in the first place. A thorough audit of your records management practices will be required for this.


4. How altering your records management habits to comply with legislation will affect your overall efficiency

New legislation for records management often means that your company will have to take new steps in order to follow the law. Your boss will want to know how much extra time (if any) it will take to comply, so that best practices can be efficiently optimized around this.


5. How much records management legislation compliance will cost your company

Changes cost money. In the case of complying with legislation, the question is, how much? Make sure that your boss can include these costs in the budget.


6. How your company can make complying with records management laws easier

Just because your company will have to take specific steps to keep in line with current legislation does not mean that you have to take the hardest road possible to reach this goal. Your boss will want to know the most efficient, effective and inexpensive way to comply (this starts with converting your physical documents to digital files so that they are easier to manage).


7. How current records management laws will help to protect your business

Laws about records management are enacted to protect everybody, including business. Your boss will want to know how it is helping your company.


Your company cannot be prepared to follow the law if your boss isn't

Your boss wants to know what steps he or she has to take in order to fully comply with the latest records management legislation -- and how to benefit from it. This means that you should immediately send any relevant information up the chain of command.

If you really want to impress your boss, present him with a document not only on relevant records management laws, but also on how a digital document management system can help your business comply with them. For more information on how to approach your boss on integrating a digital DMS at your office, you can download our free infographic below! 


 Free Infographic | How to Build a Business Case for a Digital Document Management System

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