7 Reasons Why Scanning Blueprints & Other Large Documents is Important

Posted by Andrew D'Arcy on Nov 25, 2019 8:43:00 AM
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What if you had no way to digitally store your most important documents?

Scanning is an easy way to store records of smaller records. However, many individuals and businesses have trouble scanning blueprints and other large documents.

Despite that difficulty, it is very important to scan these larger items. Here are a few reasons why.

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1. Enhanced Control

One of the best reasons to embrace large document scanning is control. Specifically, scanning these documents gives you greater control over your paperwork.

Think about the last time you lost an important piece of paperwork. How many hours or even days did it take to find?

With your larger documents safely scanned, you'll never lose time hunting them down again. Like all of your most important information, it's just a few clicks away!

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2. Improved Integrity

Have you ever wondered why so much of our media is going digital? Simple: no media is going to last forever.

Eventually, things like your beloved VHS tapes or favourite video games will degrade. Without a digital backup, you will have no way of accessing this media again.

Once you scan your large documents, though, you have a digital backup that can potentially last forever. It helps preserve important information for future generations that would otherwise be lost to the ages.

3. Instant Accessibility

Digital scans of blueprints and other documents provide instant accessibility. And this accessibility goes wherever you go.

Right now, major blueprints are likely sitting in a file cabinet somewhere. Do you know which cabinet, and do you have the key? This vital information is often far away from the people who need it most.

Once you scan something, though, you can digitally upload it to the cloud. At this point, anyone with a phone and the right password can get the information they need.

Whether it's just you at home or your entire team at work, having this level of access is the ultimate time-saver.

4. Easy Indexing

Sometimes, scanned documents are a bit like the physical copies. For example, everyone has relatives that have boxes full of disorganized old photos.

While it's better to have disorganized photos than nothing at all, this instantly presents a difficulty. When you need to access something specific, it will take way too much time, even if you know the general area of the photo you want.

Digital scanning solves this problem in a very elegant, way. Once you scan and upload photos, it is possible to index everything for easy search and retrieval.

When you can label work documents by client name or project number, you create a much more organized and focused office.

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5. Saving Space

Know anybody that has switched to only reading electronic books? Most of them share a powerful motivation: the need to save space.

A single tablet or e-reader can hold thousands upon thousands of books. Most homes would not have the space to house the physical copies. Now, though, the digital copies can fit into your pocket.

For both your home and your office, the ability to save space is a major selling point of scanning blueprints. You'll no longer need the original documents or even the assorted cabinets and shelves holding those documents.

With all of the space that you save, it's possible to completely renovate your home or office space. And that alone is worth the price of admission when it comes to scanning.

6. Disaster-Proof

So far, we have focused on very predictable difficulties. Eventually, all physical media is destined to degrade entirely. And before that, it will be difficult to find and take up an unnecessary amount of room.

But what about the difficulties that you can't predict? Specifically, we are talking about preparing your home or office for a disaster.

In the event of something like a flooded building, your physical documents are likely to be lost. Even the specialists who restore flooded spaces have trouble restoring waterlogged blueprints due to issues such as mold.

There is only so much you can do for yourself and your team when it comes to preparing for unexpected disasters. But as for your large documents, all it takes is a trip to the scanner and the cloud and you'll have access to them no matter what happens.

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7. Improved Productivity

Many businesses treat productivity as a difficult idea to master. Really, it's simple: more people spending less time doing more things equals productivity.

That's why scanning large documents is such an important idea in the workplace. The ability to quickly access indexed images and information can save entire teams of workers quite a bit of time.

Imagine the alternative to accessing digital data. What would those employees have been doing instead? Likely spending many hours sorting through old boxes and filing cabinets until they found what they were looking for (assuming they ever did).

Every bit of time that you can save an important employee is the time they can spend adding value to your company with their talents. In that sense, scanning documents can help you to unlock a better office and team than you have ever known.

Who Can Help With Scanning Blueprints?

Like we said before, most homes and offices have trouble scanning really large documents. The reason is easy to understand: most people don't have space or money to get the large scanners required for such a task.

Does this mean there's no way to digitally back up your large documents? Of course not! You can always turn to a professional scanning service to help you out.

Such services allow you all of the convenience of scanning major documents. And you can use them as much or as little as you like, meaning you don't have to spend a ton of money on equipment to get started.

Your Next Steps

Now you know how important scanning blueprints and other large documents are. But do you know who can help you scan everything quickly and for a low cost?

We specialize in all aspects of document scanning and management. To see how we can improve your productivity and access, come get a free quote today!

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