6 Benefits of Incorporating DocuWare into Your Business

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Jun 28, 2017 11:00:00 AM

DocuWare is a popular document solution for business for a number of reasons, but not all of them are as obvious as the ones that are commonly cited. If you have been considering integrating DocuWare into your business, here are six reasons why you should go ahead and make the change.

Improved Operations and Productivity

You are probably on a constant kick to find ways to improve productivity and streamline operations. DocuWare provides you a way to do both. It gives employees a single place to file and find documents so that they can quickly locate what they need and move on to other tasks.

Room for Growth

Scalability is a concern of most businesses because growth is a primary objective. Since few businesses want to spend time having to go back and implement entirely new solutions after experiencing a period of rapid growth, you want a solution that will make changes easily scalable. DocuWare makes it easy to adjust your documentation and process so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to implement new solutions.

Maximize Organizational Efficiencies

DocuWare can be implemented across the entire organization, giving all employees a single place to work with documentation. By storing everything in a single place, your staff won’t have to spend time emailing and messaging each other trying to find the latest version of a document or see if a report has been completed. They will simply go into the system and look for what they need. By using naming conventions, DocuWare makes it easy to organize different types of files and keep everyone on the same page.

Easy Integration of Existing Documentation

One of the primary complaints customers have when implementing a document solution is how difficult it is to make the solution work with their existing system. DocuWare makes it easy to integrate across division and platforms. There will be some things that will still require conversion, but that is also relatively simple to accomplish in DocuWare.

Simplified Management of Web Content

DocuWare works in all major web browsers. If you have a preferred browser, then you will not have to spend time figuring out how to work with documentation on a browser that is less familiar to you. When you need to create a new webpage, update existing content, remove obsolete information, or one of the many other document needs, you will be able to complete the task with relative ease of the site. Being able to make these changes from anywhere at any time can also ensure that you don’t forget to do them later.

Reliable Architecture

The designers of DocuWare have seen the wealth of problems and solutions to managing documentation. The software is designed to eliminate as many of the most common problems as possible. It can distinguish when the person accessing the system is a server, a client, or an employee based on the modules being accessed. This means that the number of problems you encounter will be minimized, while maximizing security to the system. Since the system can tell who is accessing it, the user will only be able to access things to which they have been granted access.

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