5 Ways to Reduce Operating Costs with Document Management

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Sep 10, 2018 7:30:28 AM

Financial paper charts and graphs on the tableEffective and efficient document management in the twenty-first century necessarily means digitizing and automating processes, but not all organizations are on board with this. In fact, many are still using manual business processes, and there are many ways you can cut operational costs by adopting a digital document management strategy instead.

Reduce Operating Costs by Saving Time

With digital document management, you can easily search, locate, analyze, organize, send, receive, and otherwise manage electronic files. With manual document management, on the other hand, you must physically sort and maintain records, and this demands a great deal more time. By reducing the length of time it takes personnel to do their jobs, digital document management can increase your efficiency and productivity, and this means fewer costs and a healthier bottom line.

Lower Equipment and Supply Costs

Technology and equipment are typically sound capital investments for an organization, but not when that involves investing in supplies and services for outdated methods like manual document management, such as:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Toner
  • Printers
  • Maintenance and repairs

Make More Efficient Use of Your Space by Eliminating the Need for Storage

Manual business processes come with a serious paper trail that requires physical storage space, so organizations that haven't digitized need larger office spaces. Digital document management, on the other hand, prioritizes electronic records, which means you can reduce the space you need for storing hard copies and lower operational costs by maximizing what's currently storage space.

Mitigating the Need for Increased Document Security

Physical records are frail and can be compromised by loss, damage, theft, fraud, and more. This vulnerability requires you to implement heightened security measures to protect paper documents, including housing records off-site or creating and maintaining secure facilities that can guard documents against harm. With digital document management, the electronic versions of your files are safe from physical damage and loss, and you can otherwise safeguard them with easy and cheap strategies like digital backups and permissions settings.

Optimize and Maximize All of Your Business Processes

There are many costs associated with your business processes across all departments, including sales, human resources, accounting, and even customer service. Within each of these departments, some tasks can be optimized and made more efficient through automation, including invoice processing, payment collection and remittance, customer management, and employee management. By automating document management that relates to these processes, you can reduce the time it takes to complete them, lower purchasing costs, reduce employee onboarding and retention costs, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and so much more.

Businesses are always looking for innovative methods to cut costs, and one approach is to reduce the operational costs associated with your business processes. One of the best solutions presented by modern technology is digital document management, which can reduce your operational costs by reducing the time it takes to maintain and organize documents, lowering equipment costs, helping you use your space more efficiently, reducing the costs associated with physical document security, and helping you to improve and optimize your business processes.

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