5 Things to Look for in a Professional Scanning Services Company

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Dec 14, 2018 9:41:41 AM

Professional Scanning Services CompanyYour company requires scanning services to help ensure its data is protected and accessible to your team. But it's essential to select a professional scanning services company to help manage the data digitization process. Within this latest post, we'll explore the five most important elements to consider when choosing a professional document scanning services company.

1. Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the foremost considerations when evaluating vendors is their disaster recovery plan. Does the company have a system in place for managing data that protects their clients' information when blackouts and other emergencies arise? Many of the leading scanning services firms have access to data recovery systems that safeguard data during a disaster event. Discuss the company's disaster recovery plan with them and make sure it matches your firm's expectations.

2. Past Scanning Experience

The scanning experience of the vendor should be carefully considered when reviewing their services. Ensure that they can showcase their understanding of your requirements and their capabilities concerning data management. What has been the company's largest scanning project, and how did they manage the demands required within this project? The answer to this question should provide you with a clear insight into the value of the company's services and how they determine which projects they can handle or are best suited for. You want a partner that knows what their strengths are and won't just take on any project.

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3. Quality Control Process

Ensure that the quality control process undertaken by the vendor matches your needs with precision. For example, is their team certified to the highest of industry standards? And does their team conduct regular testing to ensure they're meeting the latest standards? Ask to visit their facility directly before you begin to work with the scanning services company. That tour can help provide you with more information on the level of security within their offices and will highlight the professionalism with which they will scan and secure your data.

4. Document Management System

Beyond their scanning services, ensure the vendor you work with offers a comprehensive document management service that enables your team to retain full control over their data. Find out as much as possible about the vendor's document management system before moving forward with the company. Are they able to provide your team with mobile access to their data? How intuitive is the system to use? Will you have to undertake extensive training to ensure your team members understand the new technology and its benefits? Make sure you take these elements into full consideration before finalizing your decision.

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5. System Outputs

Ensure the company can manage all documented data within their system. For example, you might have images within your company’s data, which must be categorized by metadata and be ready for potential search queries. The vendor should be able to provide image search functionality within their system to streamline your document management processes and support full flexibility regarding data retrieval and recognition.

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