5 Reasons to Consider HR Automated Solutions

Posted by Mike Lynett on Mar 3, 2017 11:12:00 AM

46137759_s.jpgHR automated solutions are a powerful way to keep your records safe, ensure legal compliance and limit access by unauthorized people. With the right solutions, your company can be more streamlined, save space and be secure against both damage and thefts. Plus, automation takes the element of human error out of the equation. 

Higher Security

Your files are under the slight but constant threat of being read by individuals who may wish to steal information that could be used to hurt your employees. Physical security is important, but physical files are more difficult to secure than digital files are. With scanned files, you can access them via password encryption without having to keep them on-site, and the files would neither be damaged nor exposed if a break-in were to occur in your office space. Security begins with presuming that something will eventually go wrong, and finding HR automated solutions that can make up for that potential.

Safety From Physical Damage

Physical damage is closely related to nefarious individuals. While it is unlikely that your HR records would be subject to arson, and natural disasters are also unlikely, the fact that these things can happen is why HR automated solutions are important for keeping your files safe. Physical damage to your physical file setup can be disastrous to keeping effective records, and many times records are all but impossible to salvage once they have been damaged enough. This damage can be prevented with online backups, which are not subject to being isolated in one spot. Even a damaged server is not enough to disrupt properly backed-up files, making them as secure as anything can be.

Space Conservation

Your office space has limitations on how much you can store in it, and you spend valuable capital maintaining that space. While you may be meticulously organized and keep every file in an easily accessed spot, errors do happen. Cleaners accidentally throw away files, files get mixed up, and space can quickly go from "somewhat cramped" to "having to play hopscotch across the office" more quickly than you would like to think. The amount of space your records can take up can become excessive, and HR automated solutions can make the difference between having to lease or buy a larger space, and being able to expand your actual core operation within your existing amount of space for that much longer.

Compliance With Laws

The law can vary by area, but in every jurisdiction you have to keep HR records for a reasonable amount of time to be compliant. There are also laws specifying how records have to be destroyed when you can legally do so. When you use HR automated solutions to both store and eliminate your old records, you can ensure legal compliance and spread potential liability more evenly than if you simply stockpiled physical files and shredded them in time. Avoiding legal pitfalls is among the most compelling reasons to look into automation.

Remote Access

Accessing files remotely and securely is useful for editing those files. As well, you can ensure that the files themselves are only accessible to responsible parties. In an office setting, it is relatively easy for any employee to look at files they have no right to be seeing, without leaving any trace that could be easily identified. In a server, everyone who looks at a file leaves a record of some kind that can be kept and analyzed in depth. The ability to maintain access while monitoring and controlling it is also a compelling reason to use HR automated solutions for any files you wish to protect.

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