5 Reasons to Consider Cloud Document Management Software

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Aug 26, 2015 9:35:00 AM

5 Reasons to Consider Cloud Document Management Software

Using the right document management software is critical for your ability to effectively manage your digital documents. There are many features that your document management software should have (indexing, scanned document conversion, accounting capabilities, file searching, etc). Which specific features your document management software should have will vary greatly based on your organization's unique needs. One feature that all organizations should consider for their software is access to the cloud. Here are the reasons why you should think about using cloud document management software:

1. Your document accessibility will be expanded

On-site document management software solutions are outstanding for handling your organization's documents – when your employees are at your offices where the data is stored. As its primary function, the cloud, and by extension cloud document management software, extends your ability to use, edit and share data via remote locations. This is an invaluable capability for employees who work from home or who are always on the go.

2. Your security will be enhanced

Despite the fact that cloud document management software creates the ability to view and manage your documents from just about anywhere, it still enhances your document security. This is due to the fact that cloud document management servers use some of the highest levels of encryption available for data storage and transmission. Cloud storage solutions also use disaster proofing security tools.


3. You are much less likely to lose your data to father time

As time passes, all data storage resources, from paper to HDD computer memory, will start to degrade. This presents a serious issue when it comes to your long-term storage capabilities. You should not have to worry about whether or not your data will exist when the time comes for you to access it. Cloud-based storage solutions constantly refresh the medium on which your data is held. By doing this, loss of data due to time-based degradation is never a problem.


4. You will save money

No matter the size of your organization, the budget is always a concern. Your team should be doing everything that it can to cut exorbitant costs; using the power of digital document management solutions is one way to do this.

As large organizations such as Yale University have shown us, simply making the switch to digital files has already done a great deal to save you money. You can significantly increase this cost savings by using the cloud. Here is why: Maintaining your digital data on-site can become expensive. Not only do you have to purchase the storage resources, but you then need to invest in space to store it and the capabilities to maintain it. These costs usually include new employees, equipment and facilities. Cloud document management software completely alleviates this burden by handling all of the storage expenses for you.


5. All of your documents will be ready for the future

As technology evolves, compression capabilities and other elements of data management will change. When this happens, it can be difficult to manage – let alone use – your digital documents. A high quality piece of cloud document management software makes sure that this is never a problem, because it uses the latest data management technology available to maintain your documents. This will make it infinitely adaptable to most software and hardware.


Start taking advantage of the cloud today!

The benefits provided by the cloud are no longer limited to a handful of people. Regardless of your organization's size, location or budget, you can take advantage of the cloud by investing in cloud document management software. Consider getting yours soon so that you can start reaping these benefits ASAP.


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